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I am excited to talk about travel all over again, before COVID hit India I was on a long trip as most of you know and all that all those who don’t know about it I was travelling all around Rajasthan and then Punjab and I would have come back to Delhi and then take a break back home to call Kolkata for a few days and then get back to Bombay where I am based.

I have stayed in Jodhpur for about 3 days and I was staying in Moustache hostel Jodhpur which was pretty close to the train station, which is known as Jodhpur Junction Railway Station. It is only about 3km from the hostel. The airport from the hostel is about 6 kilometres so I guess this was one of the best choices I could think and decided to stay in.

Let’s start with food – the food you must eat around Jodhpur the first is yoghurt based Indian drink which is commonly known as Lassi so you should go to this particular shop call Mishri Lal lassiwala.  You must try the lassi. It’s a tiny shop tucked away in the corner near the clock tower. I have also tried Indian thali from the Gypsy restaurant they have a variety of thalis you can order what you prefer. Other than your stomach is full, your heart would be overjoyed and your taste bud would say that they are satisfied. The time that I went, it was one of the days of Holi which is an Indian festival of colour the whole team went to this multicuisine restaurant which is the oldest restaurant in the blue city of Jodhpur it is called On The Rocks.

You would be mesmerized with the delicious food that they serve. The last but not the least is one of the famous sweet shops that you should visit during your trip to Jodhpur which is known as Janta Sweet Home they are hugely popular and everyone would suggest you visit this place. Some of the speciality that you should try in this sweet shops are – Mawa laddu, the Malai sandwich and the Mawa kachori.  I packed a whole lot for myself. I am sure you would have seen my pictures the extra kilos that were on me because of this sweet shop, it’s irresistible. 

Now coming to some of the destinations – Flyover Rajasthan Majestic forts the Mehrangarh Fort by taking a Zipline. You can glide and see the scenic view of two desert lakes. I haven’t tried the zip line but I met people who have tried it and all they had to say that “They saw Mehrangarh fort and blue city of Jodhpur while they took this Zipline. It was scenic and a treat to the eyes.” So if you haven’t tried ziplining yet I think this is one of the places you should try.

There are many sunrise and sunset points you can ask the locals and they will guide you. I did that and I ended up in some beautiful places here is one of the pictures from one of the best sunset I have ever seen. 

If you want to see dunes and desert it is about 50 kilometres away from Jodhpur and you can visit a desert call Osian desert. If you want to explore the rural Rajasthan then you should also visit a village which is 25 km away from Jodhpur call Salawas village. These are the few of the destinations you should visit if you have enough time in your hand because it takes about one whole day to understand and experience all of it. 

There are also some walking tours. One that has been my favourite is the Blue City Walk. You can explore the Blue City which is right behind the majestic Mehrangarh Fort. You can take walks in small alleys of the Blue City and you will find your Instagram worthy pictures around this area. 

There are many step-wells in Jodhpur one of them that I visit is was Toorji Ka Jhalra but I felt it was a waste of time as it was pretty dirty. I also heard there are few more step Wells in Jodhpur which you can ask the local and visit but I wasn’t very fond of step-wells as I’ve already experienced and saw many step-wells during my Jaipur and Hampi trip so I skipped most of the step-wells of Jodhpur. 

You should visit the clock tower and explore the area walking you will find different artisans and Bazaar which fascinated me as I like these kinds of things where I can explore the local culture and feel local around people. 

Shopping – Last but not least if you want to shop then you should go to the clock tower Bazar it is one of the popular shopping destinations for tourists where there are different varieties of shops. Where you can collect your Textiles, Spices and Leather products. You can also go to Siwanchi Gate, as this area is known all around Rajasthan for Rajasthani footwear. I did get a few pair of footwear from this area.  the price was also pretty nominal. 

Overall I had a great experience exploring Jodhpur the transport system that I took while I was exploring Jodhpur was ola bike or Uber bike which was cheaper for me and it was taking me to the right areas as they were driven by the local people of Jodhpur.  I would also suggest everyone, be safe while you are travelling as your safety is in your hand. I have to admit that I felt safe while travelling in an Uber or ola bike or even walking around the city of Jodhpur. Jodhpur should be in your list while you are exploring Rajasthan. 

 I can’t wait for my next trip around India I can’t wait to select a state and travel all over again I hope and wish that you all enjoyed reading this blog as much as I enjoyed curating at for each one of you.  till then please stay safe,  and I hope that we will be able to travel the soonest. 



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