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Oh, I have come up with another interesting story. I couldn’t wait to put up this blog.

Who doesn’t like dolls? I love them, I love creativity. I don’t remember having too many dolls at home while growing up but I do remember few which I wouldn’t leave. As growing up we all must have had something we were all attached too.

Now you must be thinking what am I talking about, so let me introduce you to someone really special I met over Instagram. Her name is Mamta Chakravorty and she makes these uniquely different dolls. They are called the – Amigurumi dolls. These dolls are crocheted or knitted dolls. I can’t tell you how beautiful those are so vibrant and colourful. 

1. Tells me something about you. 

My name is Mamta Chakravorty. I make amigurumi dolls and tell their stories on my Instagram page (Kimbhootgiftstudio). I come from a place where winters are really cold.  Yarns have been a big part of my childhood. I have seen my mum and aunty knit sweaters and crochet doilies. I have been crocheting from childhood. I started making these dolls a few years back. The first one was a cat. Since then there was no stopping, I  feel blessed to see them receiving so much love and appreciation. I hope they bring much joy to people who welcome them into their life and home. They are truly a piece of my heart 🙂 

My family takes an active interest in my work. My little boy is my best critic. 

2. When did you start making these dolls?

A few years back, I was getting very bored at home, so I crocheted a little work buddy ‘Mr. Cat’ for myself. I posted the picture on Facebook and received a lot of likes from my friends.  I was really encouraged, I started making more and more appreciation from friends and family started pouring in. Then I realised the desire to find an identity for myself lead me to this and guess what, I fell in love with them.

3. How did you start this as a business? 

Quite an up and down journey but Instagram is quite a saviour for small handmade businesses like mine. No expense, convenient, better reach.  I realized this after participating in a few ‘talk of the town’ fairs and exhibitions. While I was elated to see most of my dolls sold, the profit after paying for the stalls was paltry. I turned to Instagram and I’m loving it!

4. What are your plans?

Oh many!  Sometimes, I wish I had ten hands like Ma Durga and there were more hours in a day. Besides expanding my doll business, I want to start a line of crochet home decor, baby products.

5. What is your Speciality? 

Most of the dolls are custom orders – gifts for daughters, sons, nieces, nephews, girlfriends, boyfriends and even furry pets.  I like to interact with my clients, know more about the person for whom I am making the doll. Photographs often help me decide on the colours and style the person might like. Armed with this mental picture, I sit with my hook and yarn to crochet a story.  I swear, I fall in love with each doll I create. 

6. Mention some interesting facts about these dolls. Do you make other things as well? (Do you make things on request?

Each one of them is unique. Yes, most of them are on request and It takes approximately 3 to 4 days to make one. They are Child-Friendly. No plastic parts. Everything crocheted and hand embroidered. Other than that I do make crochet jewellery, home decor etc. but dolls are my first love. 

7. How much these doll cost approx? 

They are priced at Rs 650 to 800 depending on the intricacy and size plus courier cost. 

8. Future plans – (Are you planning to take classes or sell in a retail store?

I am a dreamer of sorts.  I dream that one day my dolls will find a home in some celebrity kid’s nursery. Imagine, Soha Ali Khan’s, or Neha Dhupia ‘s daughter walking around with MY doll!!! On a serious note, I would like the brand Kimbhootgiftstudio to grow. Handmade dolls are not only unique but child-friendly and kind to mother nature. I make them with lots of love.

Oh, what a story isn’t it? Look at those lovely dolls, did you not fall in love with them? 

I definitely fell in love with the dolls and the story. So if you are thinking about how to order your amigurumi doll. Follow @kimbhootgiftstudio on Instagram and place your order.



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