How To Deal With Body Shaming

We live in the 21st century. Slowly and steadily we are moving towards modernization. Finally, after decades, people are realizing the importance of education. The world is improving day by day, but what about our mindsets? Hey, isn’t the dress too tight for her? Look at her legs, it reminds me of matchsticks! You look like a malnutrition patient! If you try the dress, then it will surely tear apart! These sentences might be funny to you, but they are not funny to those who are victims of body shaming. Just like our opinions, our bodies are also designed to be different.

We should never judge someone on their body type. Remember, at the end of the day, your personality matters, and your manners matter, not your body type or body color! For all those women and men out there who go through body shaming now and then, it’s not okay to ignore the bullies! It’s high time, you must face the situation. Here are 4 simple tips for you, that you can use to deal with body shaming.

1. Face The Situation!

How long will you ignore the talks? How long will you stay quiet? Don’t you deserve to live a normal life? Will you not speak back? Ignoring something once or twice is understandable, but something which happens to you daily, how can you forget or ignore such a ridiculous comment? Remember, if you don’t speak back now, the people who are teasing you will tease someone else too. You don’t have to be a victim anymore, face the situation! Tell them the difference between right and wrong. Teach them a lesson, they will never dare to forget.

Today you are a victim, tomorrow someone else will be, do you want this body-shaming cycle to continue? This cycle needs to end and someone has to come up.  Next time when he or she passes a negative comment on your body type, don’t run away from that place, you will be the one who ends this age-old concept of body shaming! Face the situation, and if possible go and talk to those bullies. Ask them what their problem is. Question them about their behavior!

2. Walk On The Path Of Positivity!

Before others, you need to accept yourself. So what if you are too thin or fat? God has uniquely created all of us. Don’t let others’ opinions bother you. Stop torturing yourself. Some people go through excessive exercising or dieting, some people even practice starving, while others also take a heavy dosage of medicines and injections to reduce their weight! All thanks go to those persons who encourage body shaming and who are body shamers themselves.

There is nothing wrong with a person who is overweight or underweight. But we live in a society that promotes the concept of body shaming. The stereotypical mentality still rules in some countries. How can you divert your mind from these mean comments? How will you fight back against body shaming? There is only one answer to this question, positivity! You have to drench yourself with positive thoughts. If you break down that easily then how will you ever survive in society? Hang around with positive people. Start learning the art of positivity! Don’t let those comments touch you in any way!

3. Call Out The Bully!

If you don’t reply to the bullies, then the situation and the comments will get even worse for you. For two days you can ignore a bully, you can go past that mean comment. But will you tolerate the nonsense for a month? If you don’t react now, then these bullies will feel even more powerful than before. They will make the situation terrible for you. Yesterday they were talking behind your back, today they will openly shout out those ugly words, and tomorrow they will say those comments to your face. Do you think this is “Okay”?

Call out the bully! Talk to him or her, and ask them why they are passing such nasty comments about your body type. Remember, you are trying to find a solution here, so shouting or abusing is not the way you deal with bullies. Don’t go down to their level. Talk to them with a bold attitude! Show them that you are not weak and you won’t tolerate body shaming anymore. Don’t let these bullies’ body shame other people! You need to tell them that what they are doing is wrong.

4. Don’t Stress Yourself About Trolls

Social media is an integral part of our lifestyles. We love posting pictures and videos online. We like making unique content for others. We love likes and good comments. But what about trolls? If you are fat and confident enough to pull off that dress! Then you should surely go for that look. But how will you handle those mean comments? How will you face the trolls? There is a simple way to handle the trolls. You just simply stop reacting to them. Some people like it when you reply to their mean comments! They will start harassing you to the core! Trust me, they will go down to ridiculous levels.

It’s better to maintain a hand distance from these trolls. The best way to deal with trolls is you can turn off the comment section or block these particular accounts! Some people don’t have work and they enjoy discouraging others! You don’t have to deal with these types of people. Remember the other person who is typing those nasty comments has a lot of time to waste! But if you get bothered by these comments, then you will get stressed and depressed, and you will lose your confidence. If you listen to or read these comments, then you are just wasting your time.

Stop Changing Yourself – You as a person are beautiful and gorgeous! You don’t have to change yourself for others. Those curves look lovely on you. If you love yourself, then others will also fall in love with you. Love always begins with yourself. If you change yourself then you will lose your unique self. Don’t get disturbed anymore by the thoughts of living a hot and tempting life! You are already hot enough to rule the world. Work on your better future. Even if you are planning to go on a diet schedule, then it should be solely your decision. Don’t get influenced by others’ mindsets! You are perfectly fine and there is no need for modification!



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