What Is The Concept Of Gender-Fluid Products

Fashion for men and women is different. Most of the time we assume women are more inclined towards loud and colorful clothing, while men are assumed to pick the other way around. Going by the age-old concept of fashion, men are always visualized in plain and bold outfits, whether it’s full formal or festival time, they are usually asked to choose from solid colors.

Gender inequality still prevails. When you enter a shopping mall and go to a clothing store, broadly you will see two separate sections, one has been designed for men while the other one is for women. There is nothing wrong with this segregation, but what about gender-fluid clothes? Remember, women are no longer confined to their kitchens! Welcome the women entrepreneurs of our society.

Being a female and the CEO of your company, what would you wear in a business meeting? Most preferably you will like to look polished, you will go for a business suit. We are living in the 21st century, fashion trends have now become a general thing for us. We have formals for women as well. It’s a good thing that fashion experts are expanding women’s wardrobes.

Not only females, but males are also getting out of their comfort zones. Our fashion world is filled with male make-up artists, models, and talented fashion designers. Nowadays, men don’t hesitate to wear Saree, some male fashion influences have brought up some unique dressing styles, which incorporate a very distinguished use of Saree. We all are moving towards the concept of equality.

It’s good to have fashion influence’s who are coming up with these ideas of changing and revolutionizing fashion trends forever. In this same context, we get the concept of gender-fluid products. Let me give you a deeper outlook on this word.

What Do You Mean By Gender-Fluid Products?

It’s exactly what it sounds like! A mixture of two words, gender, and fluid. We need a generous amount of products that are not restricted to a particular gender. We need products in the market that can flow like fluids, and fit in for every type of gender out there. We don’t have a definitive elaboration for this term. It is a vast concept and different individuals have expressed their thoughts on this concept.

Gender-fluid clothing products don’t rest upon genders but the concept of body types. We need clothes and accessories for everyone. Break the gender norms! A simple example of a gender-fluid product will be a normal T-shirt that can be worn by different types of gender. Whether an individual is unisexual or bisexual, straight or gay, it shouldn’t matter! Similarly, a singular type of footwear or handbag can be designed for all types of gender.

There is nothing wrong with categorizing products, but don’t we all need some products which can be used by everyone? Clothing stores should make a corner for gender-fluid clothes. 

Why Do We Need Gender-Fluid Products In The Market?

Nowadays, when we talk about gender, we not only think about men or women in general, but we also think about the queer community, lesbians, bisexuals, and transgenders. Gender-fluid products are very crucial for our advanced generation. Many people are firm believers in gender equality and they will invest in these types of products.

Hair care brands can come up with shampoos and conditioners which can be used by everyone! When we talk about shampoos, we generally think about a clean scalp and shiny hair, so why differentiate a simple product based on gender? If you think on this subject deeply, then you will also discover that gender-fluid products are also cost-effective. Rather than making different products, if you rest upon making a singular product for every type of gender, then it will surely be a budget-friendly decision for your company.

Again, by wearing gender-fluid products, one can express their true self. You can wear anything you want, that should be the sole fashion quote everyone should abide by. We often think about society and we don’t express ourselves completely, but these products will fill in the gaps for us. As we get more of these products in the market, we will also get more and more consumers of gender-fluid products.

With technology, is our mentality advancing? Unfortunately, gender biases still prevail in our society. To encourage the theory of equality, we must have access to gender-fluid products. We must accept the LGBTQ community completely. These products will bridge the gaps for them. Moreover, new-age fashion influences are also interested in promoting these types of products.



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