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Today I’m here to talk about a skincare brand who has to sweep me off my feet. This is not a very usual line that I often say about a brand because, I am very particular about what I use and what are the ingredients and look into every detail before I use a product, and hence I have my product review Instagram page which is called iproductreviewit”. So if you haven’t checked out yet you should because I have reviewed a lot of products that I used personally. It’s been over a month that I have been using “Indrani cosmetics shampoo and conditioner”. I am in love with it, would not be the right sentence all the correct way to express what I feel about this product. They are one of the premium brands that I have come across in the longest time, and you must be thinking as I said premium brands everything would be really expensive but it isn’t this way, every penny that you would spend on their products is worth it.

Products which are catering to every skin type. They also suggest what is best for you and your skin type which is one of the most attractive things that I felt about this brand. They were concerned about my hair and my skin problems and helped me to choose the right kind of product for my skin and my hair.  I have used the facial kit and it is user friendly. It gives you an instant glow. I am eagerly looking forward to purchasing a facial kit so that I can keep them handy. 

They have a premium range of body care which is worth purchasing. They also have products which are of different quantities so that in case it doesn’t suit you, you can try something else. The quantities are good enough for you to understand whether the product has to suit your skin or your hair or not. 

 I didn’t have much of a skin problem but due to excessive travelling my skin would look exhausted and dull but after using the facial kit, it gives an instant glow. It was very surprising for me as I have gone to parlours and got my facial done but this instant glow that I just got following the steps at home was one of the best experiences I had during this COVID. You don’t need to go to the parlour for facials, you can just do it at home. The premium hair shampoo and conditioner by Indrani cosmetics have strength in my hair and retain the moisture back. I can feel the difference as I have been using it for a month that I have already mentioned. 

These are the list of products that I am using right now –  The premium shampoo and conditioner, Indrani gold facial kits and the orange facial kit for oily skin. I would recommend all three products but I will stress on the fact that if you have a real skin you should try this Orange facial kit it is really good, and if you have a party to attend or just want to get back the natural glow in your face you should try the Indrani gold facial kit. 

Here is a little more about the brand and about the product as I had the opportunity to talk about it.

Founder of Indrani cosmetics 

There is no doubt that this brand is a gem of a brand which I have recently discovered and I am glad that I have discovered it finally, so that I can share it with all of you in this story of their journey.  Indrani cosmetics, as a brand is about 27 years old it was formed on the 21st of July 1993.  They are based out of Maharashtra and they were one of the first pioneers of manufacturing cosmetics who laid their foundation in the cosmetic industry across Maharashtra. 

 They as a brand take pride because of the unit and extensive range of products that are available in the market.  If I am not wrong they have about 102 products which are known for their excellent results and specialities according to skin type.  Indrani cosmetics as a brand does adequate research regards to every ingredient that they incorporate into their product, each product goes through extensive testing and innovation. They make it with Intensive Care and love for the cosmetic industry.  They have a huge reach in the Indian market as they have multiple distributors and outlets where you can find your product. They also export products all around the globe. Indrani cosmetics as a brand has established a very positive and helpful Skin Care industry which is going strong and I hope and wish that they will grow stronger with the coming days.  

The Founder and his mother are the backbones of this company and they are continuing The Legacy of providing spa and premium beauty experience to all. The product comes in a plastic tub filled up to the brim. It has all details mentioned on the tub like manufacturing date, MRP, ingredients list, benefits, how to use. Simple fuss-free packaging. We use the best quality ingredients for making our products.  We do not believe in subsidising quality for the sake of profits. Along with our wide range of products also comes our constant urge for research and development of new products. It took around 11 years of research and development of various products until Indrani Cosmetics was formed in 1996. Our speciality is having the unique quality of making products which have world-class quality and packaging at economical rates. They have over 107 products on our range like Shampoos, Creams, Lotions, Face Packs, Gels, Scrubs, Conditioners, Peel Of Masks, Waxes, Oils, Toners,  Lip Balms, etc. We are currently working on Shea Butter, Tea Scrub and Coffee scrubs well. All I can say is that I can’t wait to use more products and, I hope you all enjoyed reading this blog as much as I enjoyed writing it for each one of you.  Here are all the social media details where you can find them and you can follow them and also by your favourite product and let me know what you think about them as a brand.  I am waiting to hear from each one of you till then stay safe and keep pampering yourself.



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