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All time favorite five essential makeup for your daily routine

Trust me when I say this, that It is difficult to wake up Dress up and head down to work on time.
Over the years of working and managing time to get dressed and look presentable I have mastered the art of keeping few products handy .. Today I will give you a detailed information regarding my all time favorite make up products –
Even if you are not considered to be girly you still need these makeup products handy.
The smudge proof kajal I have ever used, its bold and jet black. You can create any kind of look, it is dramatic the various way you can use this kajal. It works as a eyeliner too, one stroke easy to apply. I completely love to wear kajal and I think it is the least we can do in our everyday life.
Here is my favorite kajal look for a evening sangeet function after work. One stroke on my waterline and a bolder stroke on the top and I was good to go.
2. Revlon color stay eyeliner kajal (totally turquoise) – Rs 675 https://www.instagram.com/revlon/
The turquoise blue is so trendy that you can never go wrong. Pinch of blue is a much needed color on your boring Mondays. The name color stay is not for the sake of saying it the color does stay. So the picture given below is a shot of me taken after a entire 18 hours of shoot and then reaching home at about 6 am. As you can see the color is still bright enough for it to be visible even behind those geeky glasses.
3. Incolor Matte me – Rs 300 https://www.instagram.com/incolorcosmetics/
After work party and you are tired ?? Happened with me most of the time. I think it is common to eat up your lipstick by the end of the day (I don’t mean it literally). I know all women out there knows the struggle. Incolor matte me solved all my problem, this liquid lipstick is creamy yet it is matte. It is bold if you want it to be and if not you are good to go for the rest of the day. I love it how our lips stand out and we are party ready in a blink. It is kiss proof too 😉 tried and tested.
4. Maybelline Mascara the colossal volume express – Rs 300 https://www.instagram.com/maybelline/
One of those lazy days when you just don’t want to make any effort but also don’t want to look sick, all you have to do is – give some volume to your eye lashes. Eyes are really sensitive and I make sure that I always take care good care of my eyes. Mascara is a must have for your everyday routine, I am very lazy I usually forget but whenever I see my eyes are looking dull and droopy, Maybelline mascara does the magic. The thick brush applicator gives the much needed volume to your eyes which makes your eyes looks brighter and bigger. It is waterproof so you are safe even in the rainy season.
5. Helena Rubinstein 02 – Rs 600 https://www.instagram.com/helenarubinstein_fr/
I am not very sure from where you can get this product, it is 6 palette eye shadow. I got this from Singapore and since then I am in love with it, the website does mention shipping worldwide so you can try it out. The palette have much needed glittery black, golden, silver, brozen, tango orange and rubyrose. That’s all we needed. I can make a smoky eyes, so just a nude look. This one palette can create all kind of looks you want in your everyday life.
All of these products stays for upto 16hours straight without touch up, smudge proof and long lasting is the correct word.
So I hope you enjoyed reading this.
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