Life Without A Job

Job is beyond just a profession, it’s not just about 5 working days and two holidays a week. Job adds to your self-respect, it gives financial independence and a great sense of security. At the same time Life without a job can be shattering and it’s also one of the toughest times in life but my friend it’s not the end of the world. Like any other situation, it’s momentary

As the saying goes. Always look at the brighter side. Instead of considering the situation as adversity, take it as an opportunity to grow intellectually, explore new skills and strategies to get placed in your dream company.

Build your network through LinkedIn, try cold emailing people from your niche and follow influencers who guide on building up your technical skills and train you on creating a good resume and interview etiquette

While trying for job opportunities, rejections also hit us hard. Do not get demotivated, try harder, work on yourself, understand the loopholes and areas of improvement. Use this time effectively to pursue your passion and try out new things which you always wanted to do and get some freelancing gigs to pay your bills.

Being stuck in brutal times we face immense social pressure, people always find a chance to ask what are you up to, “How much is your earning” it’s already a year you have completed your education and still not working. Damn! there is no end to these impudent questions while dealing with the enormous trauma question like these hurt more. The next time when you find someone trying their best to make ends meet do not put them in intolerable situations with your questions and opinions, empathize with them, and also understand the fact that no one wants to be jobless.

This is the juncture of your life where you need to master the skill of “Ignorance”, ignore the voices that pull you down and demotivate you. Parent support plays a crucial role during this phase of life. Do not allow these short-lived moments to take a toll on your mental health, surround yourself with friends and family who lift your spirits and encourage you to do more and explore more opportunities. It is absolutely ok to cut down on people who don’t align with your thoughts and are in a continuous urge to pull you down.

Life without earning teaches you to deal with empty pockets and introduces you to the real world. It shows you who actually stand up and have your back in these unprecedented times.

Also, you have so much time in your hand so spend it wisely to keep you fit and healthy, start a fitness routine and figure out healthy eating habits and your body will thank you later.

Give your best and leave the rest, let life unfold in the best way possible. Most importantly boost your morale and keep yourself updated about the opportunities. Planning your day productively learning new skills, interacting with new people, going for a walk, picking up new habits like reading books, improving communication skills these little habits have a compounding effect on your life and also keeps you going.



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