What are you looking forward to this summer?

This summer season, don’t sit idle in your home. The quarantine period is over! Go out and explore mother nature. The summer treats are waiting for you. Evaluate your time, get out of bed, open the windows as summer is here! Summers can be boring and sweaty. I know you would love to spend your day in front of AC and coolers. But hey there, this summer you have to be productive. I know you are thinking, what should I do for this summer season! Don’t stress yourself too much, as we are here to help you out on that.

1. It’s Vacation Time!

Bring on the sunny vibes. Enjoy the vacation with your friends and family. Go and explore the sunny beaches of Goa. If you want to enjoy nature, then surely check out Gangtok or Mahabaleshwar. Choose whatever you like, a beach or a mountain, but trust me, you do need a vacation! Finally, after two years, the government has fully lifted the Covid curbs.  For some days, say bye to your workload, this summer give yourself a lovely vacation trip.

2. Say Yes To Ice-Cream!

From Belgian chocolate to Matcha flavour, we have it all here. There is barely anyone who says no to a good bowl of Ice-cream. Whether it’s an orange popsicle or a giant chocolate ice cream tub, you cannot resist the goodness. After all, what is summer without ice cream!

3. Let’s Do Some Planting!

The sun is out and your yard is dry! What are you waiting for? Your yard is surely shouting for a shower. Get on board with your planting skills. Plant some Dahlia or Lily seeds in your yard, it’s the perfect time for planting. Just like you feel dehydrated, the plants too feel thirsty. Don’t forget to water the plants every day. Even if you don’t own a yard, you can surely plant the flowers in a tub. Your balcony needs some colours and what is better than a flower tub. From marigold to musk rose, you have so many options out there.

4. Are You Ready For Road Trips?

Weekdays can be stressful and tiring for you. Say bye to the busy work schedule. Your mind needs a shift and what is better than a road trip? Enjoy the weekends and start your engine. Go for a short road trip with your friends and family. A short weekend trip to Digha or Puri, will surely not affect your budget plan. If you live in Mumbai or Pune, then Lonavala can be your weekend buddy.

5. Books Or Movies, What Do You Prefer?

A bunch of new movies and books are waiting for you. So what, if you weren’t able to manage a weekend getaway, you can always plan a cosy movie night with your close ones. New Marvel movies and series are just around the corner. If you are a book lover, then you should surely check out the new arrivals. From “Onam in a Nightie” by Anjana Menon to “The Book of a Dog” by Hemali Sodhi, you have so many options out there.

Enjoying The Little Things Of Life:

Each and every day, we learn new things, we gain new experiences from life. Whether it’s summer or winter, you should always make the most of your life. You should enjoy the little joys of your journey. Whether you go for a vacation or not, the child within you should never die! Go for an evening walk, hit the gym, complete your New Year’s resolution, do whatever you like but never forget to enjoy the little moments of your life.



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