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So I have been following Roshni for a long time but she was not aware of it and then we happened to meet for an exhibition and I was thrilled to meet her in person. She is such a lovely human being, that she took my heart away and I know that we have grown a friendship that is going to last long. If I start talking about the work that she does I am sure it will take a long time so I will try my best to cut short and put the best foot forward regarding her and her work. I am fond of quirky things as a lot of you know. What she makes defines the term quirky. Starting from amazing batches, to fridge magnets to notepads she got almost all stationery items covered as the list goes on… I love the batches and the Notepads they are my favourite.
She is so Jolly always happy to help. Her work is so edgy that it will make you say whoah…
If you go over her Instagram page, it looks like a beautiful rainbow due to the colours and patterns that she comes up with it is so bright that it actually can brighten up anyone’s day.

Here is a little more about her and her doodling journey so far –

1. Tells me something about you. Your life, career, family etc – 

My name is Roshni Bhattacharya, I’m 30 and am a NIFT graduate with a degree in Fashion Designing. 

My childhood has been a travelling one since Dad was in a transferable job. Mom is a homemaker with a penchant for interiors and cooking. Elder sister is a gynaecologist by profession. I am the youngest and craziest of the lot. I have changed almost 11 schools and 9 places by the time I was 18. My college was NIFT, Kolkata which I got in after a lot of issues from my conventional parents who wanted me to do engineering. Well, Career started with getting placed at an elite design/export house in Chennai as a Menswear Designer. I quit in 4.5yrs and continued in Chennai/Tirupur as a freelance design Consultant with 4companies before dad retired, shifted to Kolkata and I got a job offer from NIFT, Kolkata to join as a design faculty 2 yrs back. I quit the teaching job last year and finally started my brand NoodleDoodlebyRB last year full time.

2. How did you start this as a business?

It started initially with small customized orders, which then became bigger orders like wedding cards and finally, I started producing retail products with general artworks.

3. What are your plans?

The plan is to grow as organically as possible. I do this as a passion and don’t want to break the sanctity of my art to make it a commercial business. But the plan is definitely to grow higher and wider in a slow and steady pace.

4. What lead you into this business? What brought forward this concept? 

Well, I have been doodling at a really young age. But since in India we don’t have any professional job or course for only Illustrators, I realised I need to do a course in something creative. But the business was the last thing on my mind. I started a page in FB after some colleagues saw me make doodles of expressions of people during meetings. It started really rough, pen sketches at the corner of the notebook kind of artwork. but suddenly I started getting customization orders for phone covers and posters. That is what initially started which I kept doing for almost 3-4yrs before I realised this is my calling of sorts, and I should think of taking it up professionally. (Also, getting extremely bored of menswear was a big drive! Don’t add that!)

5. What is your speciality? 

Well, I am told my observation skills are great, I can express emotions through my sketches. My speciality is cute expressive human doodles. Another thing I am told I am good at is adding tons of personalized details to my artworks. There will always be hidden details, be it a situation, garments or backgrounds. Finally (is it too many already?) I am known to make extremely relatable art, mostly for women though!

6. Mention some interesting facts (Do you make things on request?)

Firstly, I want to tell you that my main inspirations are day-to-day life, culture, traditions, human behaviours and elements that catch my eye during travels. I steer clear from political and religious contents, coz I am a believer of humanity and also I would rather be involved in something related to feminism than politics!

Secondly, I love customizing for people, one of my biggest projects are usually wedding cards and other favour elements needed for a party/wedding. I am crazily strict about adding as many details as possible to make it as personal as possible. Also, I don’t repeat my customized art.  My biggest piss off is those Apps which generate “customized” doodles for you. The kind of effort, time, energy and sleepless nights that go into making the perfect customized product even in a digital format is crazy!

7. Future plans.

I am already exhibiting and doing pop-ups all across Kolkata now, maybe immediately will want to do some bigger better ones. Selling through social media right now, maybe soon will convert it into a website. Collaborating with companies/institutions are the bigger plans and as of now, I am dying to paint a wall and illustrate for a book! (If you know any author I can partner with, let me know!!)

Products on Order – Price on Request (Subject to availability and Artwork)
Single Piece order- Mugs, Phone covers, Canvas (with or without Easel), Printed Tiles, Printed Ceramic plate, Framed posters, Hardcase Notebooks, Magnets etc

You can contact her over her Instagram page – noodledoodlebyrb



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