Periyar National Park (Thekkady)

Periyar National Park is located high amidst the Cardamom Hills and Pandalam Hills of the South Western Ghats. It is situated in the districts of Idukki and Pathanamthitta in Thekkady, Kerala. Pamba and Periyar rivers flow through Periyar National Park providing shelter to various aquatics and reptiles. It is spread over 357 sq mi providing shelter for endangered species. Periyar National Park and Wildlife sanctuary is majorly an elephant and Tiger reserve hosting 35 tigers. It has close to 266 species of birds and 45 species of reptiles. Blue flycatchers, great hornbill, coral snakes are majorly spotted. It is well connected with major cities by air and road. It is located in the famous tourist place Thekkady, Kerala which is easily reachable by bus from various states. The nearest airports from Thekkady are Kochi located at a distance of 190 Kms and Madurai located at a distance of 136 Kms.

Periyar National park is the best place for nature lovers. It is a great culmination of Mountain view, rare wildlife, aquatic life which includes 40 species of fish and numerous plantations. It has many adventures and activities planned for the tourists. The jeep safari takes you through the national park with a guide where you can spot tigers and other endangered species. The wildlife photographers and photo enthusiasts can capture the wildlife moments, the flawless and fierce eyes of a tiger, the bold and majestic movements in the vast lands of the national park. The clearest way into the universe is through a forest wilderness and you get to experience this wilderness through Jeep safari. Periyar National Park also has another exciting activity with Elephants- ‘Elephant Ride’. This ride is most adventurous as it takes you closer to the wildlife as you ride on an Elephant.
Periyar National park is endowed with a lake within, popularly called Periyar Lake, which gives a breathtaking cruise experience to the tourists. Periyar Lake cruise amidst the cool breeze, fresh water and the aquatic beings will nurture your mind, soul, and body. The lavish amenities in the cruise, the greenery and the fierce wildlife will give you a lifetime memory and moments to cherish.
Apart from wildlife and aquatic life, this amazing place is known for its exotic and aromatic spices and plantations like tea, coffee, and cardamom. Periyar national park encompasses 140 species of orchids, deciduous trees like rosewood and sandalwood,171 species of grass which contributes to the major dining of elephants and other herbivores. Tourists can pick the best quality pepper, cinnamon, nutmeg from Abraham’s spice garden located within Periyar National Park.
Periyar National Park surely gives you an amazing and adventurous experience. Wandering in the lap of nature, the aroma of plantations deep breathes amidst the lush green landscapes works like a therapy to the soul. Time spent with nature is full of life and love from mother nature and the journey through the wilderness and forests teaches kindness and compassion. It has numerous stay options surrounded by greenery and forests with lavish amenities. To click the best pictures and to enjoy nature at its best, it is good to visit Periyar National Park from December to March when the temperature is mild.

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Have you ever felt so close to nature where you will see monkeys enjoying themselves along with you? Where you will hear the exotic birds singing songs for you in the morning where you will sit and have your breakfast while the fog surrounds you? Well, I experienced it all and I experienced it at the Greenwoods Resort, Thekkady. I would recommend all of you to visit the place because each one of us deserves to treat ourselves.

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