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Sar pass is among the most popular paths in the Shivalik range. Sar Pass is a reasonably challenging trek at the Parvati Valley of Himachal Pradesh, located at an elevation of 14000 feet, it could be thought to be a fantastic introduction to high altitude trekking. This trek is also remarkably popular among Indian trekkers. Sar valley overlooks the gorgeous Parvati valley abundant with natural treasure.

It’s the seventh heaven for any adventurous traveller and nature fans. It’s surrounded by snow-capped hills temperate climate and bamboo woods. It looks much the attractiveness of molten gold at the first and final beams of the sun. It’s really breathtaking to see the sunrise or sunset from this stage. Kasol is the foundation for the majority of the hiking paths in Parvati valley.

It’s also called the small Israel of India. So Kasol provides real Israeli food and these different restaurants such as Indian, Continental etc. Kasol is situated near the Manikaran, a sacred pilgrimage for both Hindus and Sikhs. Manikaran also has got the hot water springs that are understood broadly. After driving for about one hour that the road starts. The road is full of dense woods, streams, waterfalls and rocky terrain.

The path to the camp is mild but steep in the end. Grahan is a historical village with conventional temperate houses surrounded by rhododendron trees. The ascent later Grahan is intense and strenuous. A slow and steady rate of walking is advisable as it guarantees good acclimatization. Minh Thach is another campsite, where sailors used to graze their livestock. Then we hit Nagaru, which’s the final camp before attaining Sar pass.

It’s a freezing website due to the gusty winds and chilly nights. Following a lengthy and arduous trek, the sight which Sar pass provides looks to be an illusion in its beauty and soul. The very top of this Sar pass provides a stunning view of Himalayan Peaks and meadows. The descent to Bishkeri is medium through rhododendron woods. Bhishkeri is a stunning meadow campsite with several blossoms and birds species.

An individual can re-establish himself by spending a night in this location. By Bishkeri into Barshaini is a thrilling downhill terrain by lush green forests. On how twin villages Pulga and Tulga will pass by. Then cross the river Parvati and scale for a little while until street head in Barshaini. Take a bus or cab to Manikaran. From here leave to your favourite locations.

Trekking, after all, is all about the joy of silence and solitude, as far as it’s all about forming eternal friendships. If you’re considering doing Sar Pass Trek, minus the fanfare of fixed departures, it is possible to reserve with one of those regional operators at the fantastic Wide Open Experience Travel Network and cross the Sar Pass, together with only your friends for business. The trail is available between April to October each year.

The Way To Reach Manali Simply take an overnight bus from Delhi and you’ll reach Manali in 12 ‐ 14 hours (approx. 540 kilometres’).

Volvo buses cost involving Rs. 1,000 to 1,400 per business from Delhi to Manali and vice versa. Manali to Delhi: Much like the onward travel, buses depart from Manali to Delhi between 5 and 4 pm Your tentative arrival at Delhi could be anywhere between 6 a.m. and 10 a.m. Organize your onward journeys just post-apocalyptic giving sufficient buffer for bus delay.

The nearest Railway station is Ambala (350 km’s) and Chandigarh (310 km’s) Hint: Routine Volvo and Buses are available from Chandigarh to Manali from the day. Volvo buses cost involving Rs.800 into Rs.1,200 per business from Chandigarh to Manali and vice versa.



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