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Manali is called the ‘Resort Town’ located in Himachal Pradesh, India. The best place for hill trekking, family vacation, and a dream destination for backpackers and travel junkies. Manali is well connected through buses from Delhi located at a distance of 540 km from Manali and Chandigarh is located at a distance of 310 km. As Manali was always on my bucket list and I was waiting to tick it off and this amazing trip was worth the wait and every effort I have put into the planning. I have a lot of experiences to share and of course, the beauty of Manali is just beyond words, The breathtaking view of Mountains and the flowing water amidst the rocks. Every morning I wake up to see the view of mountains touching the sky and the beauty of this remarkable place makes me feel calm and serene.

The best part of my trip was A Homestay which I stayed in “Seize the time” homestay located in the village of Old Manali, which means every word of its name. A strong lady Shaila she found her home on the hills, she found peace and since then this journey started, Seize The Time. This has been a life-altering lesson.

Life is a Rollercoaster for every one of us but the exploration is in our hands and she made the most out of it, living life unfiltered. This place experiences all aspects of emotions. Her presence is captivating and it will also teach you several outlooks towards life. She is an extraordinary someone, who knows the meaning of coexistence, who knows the meaning of friendship, who knows the true meaning of the word homestay, and who knows the meaning of how to live life and will make sure you learn something during your stay.

My first look at the homestay was mesmerizing, the rustic beauty built over 100 years ago in Kathkhuni style, which is one of the ancient kinds of architecture and construction using igneous stones and wood. Wooden houses are way more sustainable and hugely advantageous for the environment as they are made of recyclable and biodegradable materials.
A colourful home, which just doesn’t accommodate humans but a safe place for four-legged fur babies. This place has a heart. A strong statement! Every penny earned by the homestay is spent generously on the stray dogs. If you are a pet lover, then Seize the time is a paradise within the mountains. It is only because the people who walk in don’t only go back with memories but make a safer place and provide food for many four-legged fur babies all around.

Every day at Seize the time is memorable and adventurous trekking to the view of the Himalayas and glittering glaciers was challenging but the best way to explore my strength and endurance. The blissful rhythm of the gushing water and cuddling up with puppies and dogs in the homestay made my days more ecstatic at Manali. The majestic wooden staircase, how can I miss saying about this special place, I sit at this place in solitude for hours looking at the snow-capped mountains, writing and humming poems with a broad smile on my face and immense joy in my heart feeling so many emotions and yes this is my photoshoot place too I laugh out loud with my hair flying in the air. I would suddenly plan for a trek along the hillside or just chill reading a book and cooking a sumptuous meal together and sometimes go for a long drive with my fellow backpackers whom I met in this amazing place which I call home with warm people and cute pets.

This homestay is nothing less than a Fairytale. She has built her castle and she has made a space for herself, along with giving so much back to society in a different way, she painted every corner of this beautiful place with the colours of her life so each corner shares history, faith and existence of prominence. Seize the time homestay is a unique place where everything is reflected according to my taste and thoughts about home, a warm and comfy place away from home. This place is so close to my heart as it gave me love and care like a family. Above all, I felt secure in this homestay living with the vibrant backpackers and the loyal strays full of love. Every corner of this place is curated with so much emotion especially the home décor, it looks simple and pretty yet very classy and has a lot to connect with the visitors making everlasting memories
We only live once and let’s make every moment memorable by travelling and exploring places and surely the mystical beauty of Manali and staying at Seize the time is something you should experience yourself and feel the joy of travelling.



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