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We all love fashion accessories. We all like to dress up and be eye-catchers, but it’s hard to accept that the fashion industry is causing pollution and disturbing the ecosystem and It is really high time to make mindful choices about fashion to protect our environment. Amita Deshpande and her vision about recreating the fashion industry by upcycling plastic waste is incredible and surely the need of the hour.

ReCharkha – The Eco social Tribe formerly led as Aarohana was founded by Amita.The most responsible decision to save our planet. This amazing and inspiring journey has begun in 2013 at Dadra and Nagar Haveli

Along with upcycling plastic waste, Recharkha also emphasizes providing a livelihood for tribal and traditional handloom weaving.

Amita has pursued her Master’s in Sustainable development at the Krannert School of Management, Purdue University in Indiana, USA. She always felt the responsibility to save the environment.

How does Recharkha work?

Recharkha has a sustainable and eco-friendly setup for designing clothes and fashion accessories. Firstly, they work on “Upcycling Plastic Waste ”, Upcycling of plastic involves huge efforts, collecting raw materials which include plastic wrappers from our house-holds packaging like detergents, soaps, chocolates, and cookies. All these collected wrappers and plastic bags are cleaned and sundried, then manually cut into strips and rolled on a ‘Traditional Charkha’ and then stitched into various accessories handbags, tote bags, Electronic cases. This process involves so much hard manual work and the women and youth working at Recharkha deserve the utmost respect for their continuous efforts to conserve the environment and reduce pollution.

Recharkha has a very good user-friendly online store, you can find cool and trendy tote bags, sports and gym bags, exquisite home décor and personal hygiene products. They have shipping options throughout India. People in Pune can walk into their store located at Karve Nagar and pick some amazing stuff at a reasonable and affordable price. Recharkha also organizes events and exhibitions to create conscious consumers. Check out the event calendar in Recharkha’s official website and be a part of this incredible journey.

Recharkha works very sensibly towards the environment and maintaining ecological balance. Recharkha has founded “My Eco-Social Planet” for the sustainable development of our planet which mainly aspires for Conservation of Environment, providing stable livelihoods to tribal women and youth, Building conscious rural and urban communities.

We think about adapting sustainable lifestyles and always intend to use eco-friendly products, but we lack information and the right “Go-To” place, My Eco-Social Planet of Recharkha emphasizes spreading awareness in colleges, schools, and residents. It has also taken steps to educate people in rural areas about upcycling and waste-to-craft projects

My Eco-Social Planet of Recharkha has a great vision on Environment conservation. It has figured out different ways of sustainable living which include effective consumption of water through water conservation and Wastewater management. Renewable energy generation, Waste Management, Organic and Nutritional gardens and organic farming, Sustainable Livestock. The construction industry is also one of the major causes of environmental pollution. My Eco-Social Planet also aims to come up with Eco-friendly and sustainable ways of construction.

Let’s adapt and follow a sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle and make responsible and conscious choices and save our environment. So, people, what are you waiting for click All Products – reCharkha – The EcoSocial Tribe and start filling your cart!!



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