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He often said – “You told me end number of time I love you, but you never told me why do you love me?” I never had that answer, maybe even when I am trying to write this down in words I still don’t have an absolute answer to this. What is Love anyway?

While I was looking for answers I got in touch with few people just asking them what do they think love is? Quoting each one of them, as and how they explained what love is to them. It was an interesting ad insightful. All of you reading this I don’t know what is love for you. But here I go – I call him LOVE, beacuse I felt – I was home, I was safe, I was happy, I trusted blindly, his smile made my day. His voice could ease my pain. I got to know what being in Love means when I got to know him. When you love you even have to let go, love hurts but it always tickels back when memories and thoughts flashes back to the time that we had spent together.

Here are ten different people, from the different thought process, age and situations talking about what they think LOVE is!

  • Love is pure and a beautiful feeling. According to me, love is a deep feeling, affection and it’s unconstitutional. Falling in love is easy but it’s difficult to uphold. Love is an emotion which is attached to a person with trust. Love is not resentful, rude or irritable. It is patient and kind and if you love someone and vowed to be with them for the rest of your life so completely be with them and don’t break that trust and hurt those feelings. So many people say that love can happen twice but it depends on person to person for me it isn’t this way. Love is itself a pure feeling so if it is for some specific person that feeling exists forever no matter what because when you love someone you don’t have any conditions it’s just that feeling where you have no pressure, no judgement, no blame. When you love someone you just love and go with the flow there is no reason for it. Don’t get confused between your love and career prioritised things and do it. One day you will be successful but you don’t have an affection so it is not worth it, balance your things and go on. Love is equally important as other things in life. “Life without love is incomplete as a tree without its leaves” Complete your life, find your love and never give up on that because it is one of the most beautiful feelings in the world.

  • Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth.It always protects, always trusts, always hope, always perseveres. This is one of my favourite Bible verses. Even though I’m not very Christiany. But thats just a random thought haha. My perspective of love has definitely changed over the years. What used to be an image of romance and fantasy. Is now more about mutual understanding, respect and encouraging growth as individuals. Thats pretty much it. I used to look for these things in a partner only at first, but as I’ve grown older. I’ve realised that my family and friends are better at all these things
  • Love in 2020 is a lot about companionship. At least that is the way I look at it. Having a companion that shares and respects your personal and professional life is what I want and dream of as a millennial. It’s not easy to find the right companion for sure but keeping a space for imperfections and other adjustments can take a romantic relationship a long way. The meaning or concept of Love has certainly changed but mostly in a good way. Couples are more mindful about each other’s feelings, future and lifestyle. For me, love is finding the person whom I can share and spend a sometimes happy and sometimes sad journey of life
  • It’s a tease, it’s a mystery, it’s an emotion, it’s tragic, it’s misunderstood, it’s longed for! It has no definition and yet it’s understood by all. Love is a language. It’s that force, that energy that’s making this world a beautiful place!
  • I grew up watching Bollywood films and thought love was what they showed us. Possessiveness, gifts, being wooed and everything that depicts a fairytale feeling. This stayed on till my early twenties until I finally met the one I’m currently with. I unlearned what the world called love to learn what love really is. Today for me it is a mutual understanding of feelings, priorities, goals and more. Love for me is being with someone who is open to the reality of everyday life and not being perfect but knowing that you have someone who will tell you the truth even if it means hurting you. Love is having someone with you on your worst day and also on your best while being there when they need you too. This feeling takes two and for me, love is across relationships from friends to a romantic partner. Love is 2 bodies, 2 souls where each lives their own life yet being together.
  • For me, love is a commitment and a relationship which define the very essence of a person.
  • For me, love is when he lets me take that extra hour or two of peaceful sleep in the morning while he takes our two kids out of the room. It is when maa follows me around in the evening to give me a hot oil champi while mamoni (mother in law) keeps both the kids busy or when baba (father in law) orders my favourite chocolates online to surprise me. It is when my eldest son (4 years old) offers me his favourite food before eating. When dad saves up the last slice of cake or when every evening mamoni asks what shall we cook for the next day or when my newborn smiles at me🙂 Love is in these little things.
  • Love is really difficult to define or a definite definition. It has different thought and different meaning for others. Kuch ke liye love means to give and for some love means give and take, for some love means to compromise and for some love is nothing a bullshit. Sabka apna experience hai apne thought hai and likewise i also have my own thought. for me Love ek rasta hai jaha aap jab chalte ho to bahut kuch sikhte ho, bahut kuch ehsaas karte ho, respect karna sikhte ho, jealousy karna sikhte ho, samne wale ko samajhna shuru karte ho, and khud ko bhi khud se milate ho. Generally whenever we talk about love only one thing comes the couple love. But uske alawa bhi aur bhi love ke formation hai, daugher father love, brother brother love, friends love, work love etc. agar couple love ki baat kare to i feel, bahut kuch bahut si cheejo par depend karta hai but i feel love aur bhi deep ho jata hai jab aap us spark ko jinda rakhte ho jo aapke pyar ko kabhi marne nahi deta hai. thode time baat kuch cheejo mei hum samne wale ko forgranted lete hai and yeh agar lambe time tak jaye to samjho love ka the end. If you keep the spark alive, woh bachpana usme, and maturity bhi jisme ek dusre ko sambhal sake and thodi fight, and thodi duri, makes your love alive. har baar aisa lage ki pehli baar mil rahe hai, har baar aisa lage, ki aaj jee lo and kal ke aane ka wait kare, but har par kuch naya hone ka ehsaas karaye. Love is a feeling, woh galat ya sahi nahi hota hai bus hota hai. galat ya sahi to hamare aas pass ke log banate hai kyunki unka nazariya alag hai dekhne ka aapka alag. Situation can be wrong, but feeling for someone is good and you really mean it than its not bad. Bus apne ko sambhal kar rakho and dusre ko harm mat karo. Yehi hai love.

So ask yourself today what is love for you? Maybe letting go, maybe staying together, maybe squeezing the life out, maybe silence. Love has no specific definition. Sometimes love is free, liberating, sometimes suffocating. Yet it the most beautiful and painful emotion that one has to experience in life. So, be in love. Love is love.



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