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Think about Intimate Hygiene biodegradable products @sironahygiene it is. I’m a complete eco-friendly traveller. So pads have always been my area of concern when I’m travelling. As we all know the number of days a pad takes to decompose. Sirona has been my go-to brand when it comes to women hygiene which was very much needed.

Sirona Biodegradable Black Sanitary Pads – India’s First Coloured Sanitary Pads, Biodegradable, Rash Free, natural pads
Initially, when this was launched I wanted to buy it just on the fact that it’s colourful, who thought that pads are going to be black in colour. The new range features that this pad has is that – extremely safe, ultra-thin, leak-proof, rash-free, toxin-free, convenient to use, eco-friendly and biodegradable pads. Which wouldn’t harm you or the planet? Sirona black pads are completely bio-based and it is made from carbon captured from sustainable natural resources such as corn, sugarcane, cassava & straw bale using eco-friendly and cruelty-free processes.
Sirona sanitary pads are free of toxins, artificial colours, and harmful chemicals like paraben and chlorine, and are also anti-bacterial, breathable. This ensures that using them is a comfortable and safe experience for all age women. These pads also come in large sizes to give extra coverage during days of heavy flow. Realllllllllly helpful for people like me who suffer from PCOD.

Sirona Natural Rash Cream – 25gm | For Chafing Due to Sanitary Pads, Heavy Thighs, Sports Activities, Waxing and Gymming. This is one of its kind product catering to female hygiene and sanitation. I love all the Sirona products as they are the best. I have previously reviewed most of them. I was waiting to get my hands on this. The cream soothes and calms down what can potentially turn into an infection. I have been using it for a month now. It has been very helpful during my period and for those like me who have long periods, this is a must buy. Summer makes it even worst but since I have this product I don’t have to worry anymore. The product is up to the mark love the fragrance. It is extremely light on the skin. The packaging is compact so ideal to carry it anywhere. Price is pretty reasonable for such a product. I highly recommend this product. My love for Sirona is growing each time they launch something new.

Sirona Natural pH Balanced Intimate Wash – As I travel a lot I did try out many intimate washes but most of them doesn’t have a good aroma. A good fragrance is a must for me. It has always been when I came across this intimate wash I just hoped and wished that this would fulfil that aspect. Honestly, it is was more than that not only fragrance is amazing it is absolutely chemical-free. Can be used by both men and women. Natural ingredients like coconut oil and olive are used to decrease the acidic levels and maintain the Ph balance. A perfect, easy to carry around a bottle. Definitely value for money Product. I use this daily while taking bath wherever I am. Our intimate areas are the most important area of concern so it’s better to take care of it the right way possible. I make it happen, take care of yourself full self.

Sirona Natural Anti Fungal Therapeutic Body Wash – 200 ml 
A perfect product which is made out of five herbs which helps to reduce body odour, itching and promote healthy fee, skin & nails.
It’s a Natural product with no active chemical. A vegan product. Contain Vitamin E which repairs skin. Tea tree oil in it reduces sebum production and helps to treat acne, wart & fungus. The Best part is that it’s quite Refreshing, Has a lovely refreshing fragrance what makes your bath feel perfect and you will instantly feel good after using it.

Sirona Natural Exfoliating Face Wash – Another great product. This facewash has real exotic oils, anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and moisturising properties which makes this product perfect. It is also free from preservatives, paraben, sulphate and chemical actives with 100% vegetable source. Sirona exfoliating face wash gives the best results for all skin type. the fragrance again is to die for, it has a kind of minty, natural smell which is not too strong nor too mild. It has small beads which give a scrubbing effect and exfoliate the skin pretty well. It feels clean and fresh. The wash gives a cool, soothing and minty feel so it rejuvenates the skin. The skin becomes soft, supple and brings out the natural glow. It balances the oil hence the skin does not feel too dry or oily.

Other than the above mentioned these are few more products that I have been using from Sirona which you can also order from Amazon or
1. Pain Relief patch
2. Pee buddy
3. I LOVE CLEAN disposal bags which are India’s First Tamper Proof,  Oxo-Biodegradable 
4. Intimate Wet Wipes 
5. Under Arm Sweat pads
6. BodyGuard: Natural Anti Mosquito (Repellent) Patches

I can’t wait to explore more products and let you all know my experience with Sirona. So far it has been my most favourite brand when it comes to hygiene since my last Sikkim trip. You can check this out to know more –



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