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Sporsho – The Touch is a small difference that we can all make to the lives of many just by reaching out. It is a brain child of Basav and Mandira who have continued to help different people to become independent and also spread the word of their work and attempts to live along with their   tradition art and cultural forms, across different regions. In a way it is an attempt to preserve our cultural heritage for the generation next.

Durga Pujo is knocking at the door and I have my multiple choices from the store @sporshobymandira.


I am a saree person. I love saree, when I saw sporsho’s pujo collection I knew I wanted my saree from Sporsho. The name Sporsho means touch and I knew this will have a beautiful story. As this year I will not be able to visit Kolkata during Durga pujo but I won’t be missing out on my fun time in Mumbai.
So getting my saree ready!

Without thinking twice I got myself two pretty saree. I was skeptical if they will be able to delivery it in Mumbai on time due to the hectic Pujo schedule. Surprisingly I received my sarees well packed, within a weeks time.

I reached out to Mandira as I wanted to know the reason behind the name “Sporsho”

About Mandira and Basav : Mandira was born and brought up in a family that taught her to lead an honest independent in life.

While Basav is a maverick lost in life’s beautiful touches. He has wandered far and near looking for ethnic and culturally rich hand crafted products and textiles.


My next Question was how did you guys start of this business?

Mandira: When I realized that quality makes a difference in whatever one does, I chose to work with weavers who produce quality fabric. It began small and nondescript but today hard work has paid off.   

Basav : I was collecting hand crafted products as mementos from journeys. Then I released that they had a market too and a greater market network would ultimately beneficial to the artisans. Thus we began!


Plans in the near future?


Mandira: The plan is to increase the range and reach new markets.

Basav : To bring in more products and widen the network as much as possible.


What lead you guys into this business?


Mandira:The conviction to be independent and self-reliant.

Basav : The quest for beautiful products and their acceptance to the world at large



What is the specialty of Sporsho?


Mandira: Quality and blending the traditional with new age desires.

Basav : Quality and exclusivity

Us being Us

Here is the variety of saree they have to offer you

Linen Saree
There are a whole lot of attributes of a linen Saree despite it not being cotton. The material, made from flax fiber is strong, absorbent and dries quickly. It gives a feel of comfort for it keeps one cool and fresh particularly in hit and humid Indian  summers and rains. More importantly the fabric can retain brilliant colors and their hues.
Kantha saree
Kantha sarees are a class apart! Each is exclusive hand embroidered piece of art that holds a theme and tells a story.
Traditionally each was a embroidered version of a folklore that has morphed into modern themes. Thus remains the traditional and the modern versions – at times in a blended form.
In days gone by, aged women in the family whiled away time in developing this format, specially in creating light quilts from soft fabric with a run on stitch that made them strong and good to use.
Nakshi kantha were those with elaborate embroidered designs while sujni kantha were their heavier versions!
Begampuri  sarees are dreams in drapes! That are beautifully handwoven, easy to maintain cotton sarees that do not require frequent starching. Once very famous for its distinctive weave, this is now being revived through a clutch of weavers who are relooking into blending traditional designs for today’s fashion. Yet the traditional form stands out.
Kajiranga Cotton
This is a tribal extravaganza from  Assam and the north east. The tribal artisans have exemplary weaving skills where the motifs are predominantly from the natural world. The tribal of North-east weave a variety of textile fabrics such as shawls, sarongs, gamchhas and sarees in Cotton, Eri and Muga.

I have done  my shopping and here is my Pujo look from Sporsho.


Thanks to my friend @gurleensawhney And my collaboration clothing partner @sporshobymandira
Managing a saree for my friend has been a difficult task. She would always ask me how do you slay your saree with such ease?
May be I have been habituated.
For the first Timer I am sure it is difficult to manage. So here I am teaching you the easy way to slay your saree this Durga pujo.
Choose a bright color saree. You can get variety of options from @sporshobymandira. as mentioned

I choose this inbetween purple and pink color. It got a really nice detailed work on it.
Pair it up with a crop top from bare denim.
Accessories your neck with a silver metal Choker and a long neckpiece.
Bright lipsticks, basic shoe, minimal makeup.
Inbetween modern and traditional look. And you are all set to rock Durga pujo


I love my traditional look, the blend of grey, pink and orange has created a perfect evening. The saree is so soft and breathable that I have been jumping around. Paired up my saree with a orange blouse. Some messy bun and red roses can never go wrong. A nice silver Jhumko. Basic makeup and a small bindi, I was all set to rock my Traditional Pujo look.

If you haven’t started shopping yet. I am sure u will be blown out by the choices that @sporshobymandira has to offer you. To get in touch you can click on to the links given below.

This Year I am participating all the way from Mumbai for a very special event. I am celebrating Durga pujo with my blogging family.

A year ago, four bloggers from different cities connected to form #BloggersDurgaPujo and little did they knew that we would form a history today. This year the team has just got bigger. Come join us by following the hashtag #bloggersdurgapujo on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. This year we are 19 bloggers from all around India, sharing pujo memories, nostalgia, pujo from around the country, fashion, food and everything in between.

What’s next?

You would just need to stay tuned as we are going to make it special #DurgaPuja2018 for you.

List of Participating Bloggers
Dr. Amrita Basu (Misra): https://healthwealthbridge.com
Indrani Ghose: https://isharethese.com
Kapila Rattan Bhowmik: www.everylittlethinghappiness.com
Dr. Kuheli Bhattacharya: http://www.thefoodietrails.com
Paromita Biswas: https://goodtimestrails.com
Sayanti Mahapatra: http://bingeonbasics.com
Shruti Dugar: http://webofwords.in
Sonia Chatterjee: https://soniasmusings.com
and https://www.instagram.com/lost_loveadventure
Model : Gurleen Sawhney https://www.instagram.com/gurleensawhney
and Shalini Magdel Das https://www.instagram.com/shalini_magdel

Happy WORKASTOMI to me and DuggaDugga to you all.

Love Shalini




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