Love or Lust | You Decide

Love  or Lust you decide!

At the end of this story you decide! It is important to know the difference between Lust and Love and question yourself before someone gets emotionally involve with you while the other person was still confused between Love and Lust.

As always growing up is a trap and to differentiate between love and lust is a  bigger trap. While you are exposed to sex, you don’t know is it your body that needs the other person or is it your heart that needs the other person!

Have you also been confused?

Let me tell you a story and you can decide for yourself whether it was LOVE  or LUST?

One Monday afternoon two strangers met, they met for a special purpose. She was joining a new company as an employee, in a new city away from her home town and he was already an employee in that company. They had to work together. She looked pretty, he looked charming.

He smiled at her, nervous looks she made him feel a little out of place. In a long time someone did that. He ignored that for time being. He introduced her to everyone in the office and got her comfortable with the environment. As days rolled, they were almost friends but not really. They looked at each other and smiled often. They would also look out for each other, care and support as good colleagues does. The world said there was something more to it. They never spoke about it.

Days turned into weeks, and weeks turn to a month. They laugh together more, work together, traveled together. There was more than just spark between them. She went through his Instagram profile, Facebook profile. They often asked a lot of questions over cups of coffee at office, always looked like they wanted to know a little more. While he seems to be really mysterious, she more like a inquisitive little. 


At one point she felt that he is seeing someone. She could never decide why was she so inquisitive about him.  Maybe everyone is when you see a nice gentle person. You want to know more and its quite natural. 

As a month went by just getting to know each other a little better each day,  There was a one gloomy bad day and they both seem to be really agitated for some reason at work. As partners at work, they decided to go for some chill time. They went out for dinner and drinks. They had the most amazing time, it was so natural with each other time flew.  They ask each other- why did they not do this before?

None of them had that answer.

That night was special. Something triggered in the heart, at least it looked like so.

As days followed, the dinner became breakfast, sometimes lunch, sometimes just small cigarette break, at times ice cream break and everything in between.

“Oh so Cute” the world said looking at them it seemed.

There was so much unsaid, an unheard. Lot of mystery but still, it was beautiful. Something dark something just more to it. Slowly these outside meet up, turned out to calling each other over on the excuses of being more comfortable and able to spend more time. To throw themselves in those comfortable pajamas and sit on the couch and chill. Talk, laugh and share things about life.


I don’t know why but nature does give you a lot of sign, a great night awaits. It was a nice rainy day outside a long weekend. They came home home half drenched, he grabbed some booze ordered some good food. They dimmed the lights, thunder storm, lighting strikes. 

The closed door heard a lot of laughter, crazy talk, as the bottle was getting empty.  The care and concern feed the stomach, the chilled weather satisfied the heart quench. The soul overjoyed as happiness galore.

Do you think this is love?

At the moment of time they were really close to each other, in no moment. His lips touched her, a lot of passion, emotion rushed through those veins.

I don’t know exactly how to explain this feeling but it was amazing Just The Way It was.

You could feel the chemistry, they also knew what they were leading into. They Didn’t tell each other that they don’t know how to go about this as they work at the same place. They knew that things will get complicated, but they also knew that they just doesn’t want to stop. It was just special and they did not want to hold back the feelings anymore, they couldn’t hold back themselves from each other.

Is this Love? or is it just Lust?

I think,as they thought it was love as it was special. It seemed like it was something really very special to them.  Of course the passionate kiss let to sex and they both enjoy that, the night was satisfying. They loved the touch, they craved for this in a long time. The weather added to the fire that was already burning inside but at the end of the night, as the dawn rolled they woke up at each others arms, it was a beautiful night to remember.

This became a regular affair. Every relationship looks beautiful and promising in the start, as days rolls by thing starts showing up. Same story repeats.

She had to leave the country before she left the country somehow there were a lot of problems that took place. and the relationship fell apart. A really short period of time it was, but according to her it was beautiful so did he agreed to it.  The news of her going to a different country added more misery in the brokenness that was already created. She was sad and sorry,  but she didn’t knew what to do.  She tried to make up for it but she also knew that she had to leave, there was no way out of it. All the plans and commitment that they made to each other in the bed over the time everything seems like a joke.

All the answers where questions once again.

Was it love?

The time came and she had to leave,  she thought he will never show up but he did. He looked happy, he looked sad, he spoke in the language that she could not understand. Before she leaves he made love to her, held he tight one last time. Looked like he didn’t wanted to let go.. It was beautiful, tears rolled off. She did not knew when was she going to see him again. They did not knew what lies ahead, what is in store for them. Was it the end?

After that day they never kept in touch.  He left before even she could fly off. Reality was the story untold feelings unsaid nothing was definite for her to wait and for him to hold. She tried keeping in touch, endless phone calls messages there was no response from his end.  Days passed by, it turned to years. The phone calls became less, saved as just a contact details. He never responded. His memory started feeding in her heart, she believed that she already has faded in his.

Was this love I guess they asked?


After a year actually more than a year, while the above story was just a story and no more a feeling.  Life had a different story to tell.

She received a text, one of the busiest days at work. She received a Hi, he came down to the same country she was residing in, from being miles apart. He was just around some how, once again her heart rejoiced. For this time she never spoke. She waited quite a long. She knew that he knew once again they were in the same country the same city, but nothing after the Hi it seem.

The week he reached she waited. She waiting impatiently there wasn’t any call or text, the wait was longer than she excepted .. then another one fine day unexpectedly the wait was over when she was least expecting it, busiest day at work. She didn’t care to check her phone.

She got a text from him wanting to meet her.

She didn’t believe it herself.

Was this love? Reviewing again?

She hurriedly replied and said yes, not know what he was expecting .. long pauses and unknown days she didn’t knew what was in store ahead again.

After some heavy breathing as hours were passing by, she couldn’t believe she was going to meet him once again but this time but not like a passerby. The city changed, days turned to years but the excitement remained the same…

His voice assured that he missed her. After a long wait she heard it again, here eyes didn’t believe the time was nearing to see him again.

They asked is this love?

They meet, it was raining. Once again they smile they laughed the locked door head it all. From being friends to lovers to strangers again.. The distanced seemed like it healed the heart all at once.

They hugged they kissed. Lots of laughing, hope to believe… it was still mysterious, no commitment at all. Everything unheard unanswered even through it all. The night roll like the sweetest dream seen in a while. They did end up having sex, too much of passion to handle… As the morning roll, they went different ways nothing changed ……


Everything is still unsaid. Nobody knows maybe they also don’t know. What is it?

They don’t communicate to understand.

What is it that holds them back?

Fear? Commitment? Love ? or the fact that it is impossible to stay together but why?.

For You what is it?

Love or Lust?

Let me know what you think! in the comment section





4 thoughts on “Love or Lust | You Decide

  1. In the 1st half of story it was sparkling love that was growing but then gradually as day and month past on it changed its feeling into lust…
    Might be 🤔

  2. Story is nice. It looks like Lust. Basing on the situations they had met, in both the times. Love won’t allow them to seperate even after they both are apart.
    It is basically a biological need, as they both were known felt safe to have it again.

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