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I am not a green tea person, but then I was forced to try tea from Organic India. Its been 1 month and I am addicted. Safe to be addicted to these healthy tea.
Tulsi green tea Jasmine flavour and Tulsi Honey Chamomile
Tulsi green tea Jasmine
Stress relieving and refreshing.

I am sure most of you at work multitasking and thinking how hectic each and every day it is. We need some time to chill even when we are at work. Whether you are saying it or not. Work load does fucks up mood or whatever it is.

You just want to get over with the day just like me. So I have been sick headache slight cough and cold the most among all of u. But we have to keep going back to office and work and we bank on our normal tea and coffee. Which DOES gives satisfaction but does not help at a greater level.

I came across this organic tea from organic India and It helped me It actually helped me a lot.

I lost 5 kgs just drinking this tea everyday for about a month. It helped me from normal cold and cough due to the change of weather. The sweet smell and natural flavours also helps to deal with stress. It also uplift your mood. The tulsi green tea Jasmine has ginger also in it which give you a very soothing taste you can drink it all the day. I like to drink it with hot water some might like to have it with cold water. Both option is available. You can also add some sugar if you want too I usually add honey and I am sorted everyday work life.

Tulsi Honey Chamomile
Stress relieving and calming
Chamomile, is known as the queen of herbs. It works as a natural substance helping the body adapt to stress. This tea has abundant of antioxidants.
These tea is best when it is consumed without milk.
Organic India products are safe they are 100% natural products bought from the local farmers cultivating in organic farmland. In each pack you get about 25 infusion bags. These tea bags are staple free and unbleached. They are made out of biodegradable fiber.
I am in love with these, hope you fall in love soon.



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