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Pet cafe!

Yes you heard me right, Foooo-ood and Pets who wouldn’t like that. This gives me a feeling, that I can say “Oh, heaven on earth.”

“After completing my schooling from St. James School Kolkata, I have moved to Pune for 5 years where I pursued my BBA degree from Symbiosis and MBA degree from FLAME University. While staying in Pune I was associated with an NGO which rescued Snakes and other wild animals and I have rescued more than 200 snakes there. Starting a pet café was in my mind since my school days but since I had to complete my education I had kept it on hold, waiting for the right time.”

Varun Agarwal and he is the co-owner of Wood House – The pet café. Pets have always been his passion and he have been fond of animals since he was a little boy.

Varun and I had been friends since school days. I would term it is he was part of the well known good boy gang group. Don’t ask me how was I part of boys school good guy gang group. It is a long story and lots of history that I have to dig down. 😀 so we shall keep this story for the next time.

Whenever we visited his house I have always seen a new addition in his pet family. His choice of pets have been very different. Sometimes it would be a injured hawk, sometimes turtle, sometimes snakes, sometimes bats and what not. He would take utter most care and give the much need attention.

We grew up and days passed by we kept in touch only through facebook and instagram. We all have been scattered in different cities all around the world.

One fine day 6 months ago I was in my office in Hyderabad, while I was scrolling down posts of friends marriages and receptions and the feeling was sinking in that time is flying and I am getting old. I saw a post and I couldn’t be more happier. I saw Wood House Cafe opening up shortly. I didn’t wait even a second, immediately Varun got a text from me “congratulations, I am so proud and happy.” I remember asking him if he needs a manager? I would come down. He kept laughing. I was very proud to see, that this guy was chasing his dreams and hey! it was going to be a reality soon.

It is a beautiful feeling to see friends doing great in life.

“After my post graduate I started working in Mumbai and started researching more about my idea and making a plan.

Soon I realized that instead of waiting for the right time its better I make this the right time. Within a week I quit my job and flew back to Kolkata and started executing my plan. After loads of research and hard work, Wood House was brought live!”

Passion and love for pets and food combined lead to Wood House. It’s the purr-fect place for food lovers and pet lovers and especially for people who love both!”


“Since the entire concept is new to Kolkata, in fact the birds are new to India, hence we are waiting to grab the market before we expand and start giving out franchises. It has been 6 months since we started and we are coming up with a brand new expanded menu which we are sure the guests will love!”


In this cafe pets are obviously the main attraction. They have a special menu for your pets as well and in case you are scared or allergic to pets don’t you worry they got a solution for you.

“our mezzanine floor has a pet free zone for people who are scared of pets or want to sit separately.”

“We host birthdays, kitty parties, get-together, play dates and various other social gatherings and it’s a big hit for that.”

Birthdays, kitty parties, play dates or any social gathering they organize it all! From cakes to decorations, to return gifts they will handle everything! Here is the contact details – 090072 21900.

If you are thinking how to visit this place, I am here to make that easier for you

Address -86A Topsia Road (South). G6 HauteSt Commercial Complex Kolkata 700046.

They are open from 11:00 AM – 11:00 PM.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/woodhousethepetcafe

Love from –  MJ the Little Corella, see you all soon.



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