Why Can’t I Marry A Divorce Man? Part 1 Her Version

I love weddings simultaneously I hate weddings. I attend weddings for free good food, eye candies and alcohol (if there is any). As they say, every love story is beautiful but mine is the most favorite. I have super duper unsuccessful love story when it comes to me I just have bad luck with it. May be it is just not meant for me, for now.

I have been inspired by many couple I have personally known amazing couples who fought there way through all difficulties and hardship. So here I am trying to bring some unusual real life love stories that has left me say whoa or have just left me speechless 😀  at the end of it. No names to be reviled but a tale to be told.

She is a friend of me and I have the permission to post this for everyone out there looking for similar answers or stuck in such situations. This is a true story but the female version of the story!

Our conversation over a phone call – “Hi, it was great to connect with you I never thought that I will be able to connect with you I keep seeing all that you do and I am so proud of you. You are a blessing in many ways. The moment Andrea called up and said that you are looking for me, I picked up the phone and dialed your number and your curious questions made me relived those moments again and I tried explaining to you over the phone and you told me that no you want me to write it down. I knew I would, but I didn’t know how to write it down.”

Here it is for you I hope it helps you and others in whatever way possible.

My story

It is a pretty weird story and I guess that’s why you asked me, so your question was how could I have been so sure about a divorced man when I was 10 years younger to him?

6 years ago I was 24 yrs old working in an IT company in Pune. I clearly remember it was a Saturday afternoon and I went for the Cottage prayer meeting in his house.

Hi hello type conversations started, to be very honest he is not very handsome to look at and also that I was a part of his wedding when I was in school. Yes, I was that young when I took part in his wedding I don’t clearly remember the incident anyway. He was too elder for me to interact.

He used to live in Bangalore and I was really surprised to see him for the Cottage prayer meeting nevertheless things were happening how usually meetings happen.

During the last prayer he got up sweating He said – “anyways thank you all for your prayers and support.” Gossips all around the room apparently the aunt sitting next to me told me the news, even when I wasn’t very keen to know why he said what he said.

She said you know – “it is his last day of therapy he was into depression for 9 months after his divorce.”

Divorce?? Oh, I was super curious about the whole thing. I was this girl who just finished college started working, surely this was a news for me. I was thinking I can’t even manage to get myself a guy and people are getting married and getting divorced. It is not a big deal, all the time I told myself. Meanwhile, divorce marriage I could not understand a thing but after the prayer meeting was over me being super curious I went up to him and started digging unknown territories.

He is someone who is very quiet and timid and I have been a hyperactive child I was very curious to know what happened not knowing what I am getting myself into.

If you have seen those robots where you put coins he is one of those robots but I keep putting the coin for him to talk And he kept telling me things treating me like a child. After the prayer meeting, I think we spent about one-hour talking. I took down his number and moved back to my house this was the strangers feeling ever I was silent in my life but my mind was not at rest it continued asking me too many questions.

Next day morning I sent him a message wanting to meet him. He kind of agreed to it and we went for a long drive near the highway, we parked the car and this time when we were talking and I ask him what about giving life another chance?

So he told me that he just finished the courses of fighting with depression, so he doesn’t know anything sure for now but he would like to give life another chance. He doesn’t know how and when because he is too scared I could completely agree and understand and there was too much silence in the car. There was nothing around us nobody around us, something just told my heart I still try to figure it out what it was.

I asked him this “Hey now that I know that you are trying to come out of depression and you want to give life another chance would you give me the chance to walk life with you” He was so confused that he thought that I was playing some prank with him. He told me that I am very young and I am doing everything right in life he should just drop me back home now and a little more of advice’s from “uncle”.

So I laughed and said I think you should say yes because I am hot sexy independent young women what else you need in life? Sorted man, I am like your package deal.

I did not understand he was Furious trying to grasp it all in I just know he drove the car really fast and I was in front of my house in next 30 minutes the route usually takes 2 hours. I needed to buy the time I was stubborn enough to sit in the car and say this “Will you marry me and if you say yes I will fight with the entire world for you.”

Yes, you are mad enough to marry me but why would you spoil your life? spoil my life?

I haven’t ever been so sure about what to eat in my life but today I am here sitting telling you that you are the best thing that could have happened to me and I don’t know where life is taking us or will take us but I am sure that I want it to check it out with you (yes I used the word check it out) he told me to get off the car, take care and blocked me from everywhere.

I waited for one week landed up in his house tried speaking to him as much as possible. It was more of a convincing.

I could tell him a series of silliest things when I proposed to him, it was less than 24 hours that we met and I was completely out and out sure.

He would just not give me a chance. And I would keep telling him so many things so many examples and you would keep questioning questioning questioning and questioning. One moment he was so furious that he was like go and tell your parents that you want to marry me tell your friend tell everyone and see what they have to say they will say that you are making the worst mistake of your life.

I got up I stood there in front of the mirror in his house and I ask the image in the mirror. Hey, do you think I’m making the worst mistake of my life? The Mirroring image smiled and said are you crazy? This is a best you could do.

I saw him in tears just too manly to cry.

I didn’t know why was he crying but it hit me so hard I knew it was the end of the story there pretty much.

3 months of a proper struggle of convincing him to marry me and also convincing so many other people that I am making the right choice taking the right decision. My mum melodrama was “You can get married to a divorced guy.” my best friend didn’t support me either. But by then I was 1000% sure of him. He would take baby steps and I would take the leap trying to balance. He alone went back and forth.

At one point I thought that he would back out as he was taking opinion from others and not too many people were in favour.

I kept standing there telling him that I will be right here and I have been there.

Finally one fine day he called me and said if we get married will he be shifting to Pune or am I coming to Bangalore?

I told him whatever you want.

He said OK. Just okay and I was jumping in joy and I told him “tum Saath ho tho kuch bhi.”  I could hear him smile from the phone. I was crazy enough to cut the line book the next flight to Bangalore call him up while going to the airport and with the news he was like “I can never keep up with your craziness it’s not going to work out ever.”

Disappointed but still went over, he saw my effort. I got off the plane I hugged him and that was all. Lots of NO and that one Yes. In the next 3 months, he would take a step back thinking how is it even happening. I would be like “oh yes it’s happening”. I knew may be in the wedding I will have no one so without wasting much time I signed the papers saying “that legally I am his” because I already knew that I am I was his. Nothing fancy but I had it all. I had him finally saying a YES.

Every day would be so funny I couldn’t sleep most of the night not that he kept me awake but that we where finally home.  Something new every day, sometime he would just wake up grumpy and I would not know what to do but somehow I managed.

A lot of silence and felt like strangers staying together and then again a time of laughter as well. There has never been a dull moment. Never felt tired dealing with anything till I knew that he is coming back home to me and taking those small steps towards our future.

Oh sleeping next to me there was nothing intimacy for about two and a half months and I thought that I will be the first wife who would end up dying a virgin. I would try to tease him every way possible and he would just hug me and sleep this used to be funny but I felt comfort I felt secured and that’s what was needed; to fight with this difficult situation and here we are 6 years down the line amazingly successful marriage with two years old baby son and I am still discovering him each day it’s so much fun he is the best husband my best friend and a great dad I am glad that I listen to my heart that day even when the world was against me.

We left Bangalore and shifted to Mumbai. I left my job. Money does matter but being happy and together matter the most.

With not even a single regret in life so far. I do wake up to a person who is now confident enough to say he loves me and I blush. Good things happen don’t doubt it.

The male version will be different will force him to write it for you.

My love story was difficult they say. I say “It’s not difficult it is just different and different is good.”



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