The Easiest Way to Stay Stylish During Monsoon

Here comes the monsoon with rains with a lush green look which is quite mesmerising in nature. With the monsoon rains, you also need to change your style. It becomes very humid which is the reason as to why we tend to sweat a lot more. This creates a lot of problems like bad odour, sweat stain on clothes and a number of others. So, if you are confused about how to stay stylish during the monsoon season, you need not worry at all. Here we have listed below a few of the easiest ways of staying stylish during the rainy season. 

Choose the Lighter Fabrics

It would be a very good idea to select lighter fabrics that are airy. This would allow the skin to properly breathe and reduce the amount of sweating. In this season of rains, the georgettes and chiffons are the ultimate saviours in the rainy season. These fabrics dry only in a few minutes instead of the heavy pieces of denim which usually takes up to a few hours to dry. Moreover, wearing these types of denim will prevent you from catching a cold. 

Wear Shorts or Cropped Pants 

You need to raise the hemlines at a time when there are puddles around and simply embrace the trusty old browns as well as the beiges for the purpose of hiding any splashes. For the women, it would be ideal to go for the shorts or skirts for preventing the clothes from getting dirty and at the same time it is quite comfortable during the rains. 

Go for the Boots and Jelly Flats

It is quite easy to make monsoon colourful, fun as well as stylish with the help of the colourful rubber sandals and the ballerinas which does not at all get spoilt in the rain. The boots are quite essential as footwear during the rainy season but do not let those cramp the sense of your style. So, at this point in time, it would be great if you select a boot that is both utilitarians as well as fun. When you have these boots, you can easily splash around in the puddles of water without caring for just anything. 

Wear Waterproof Makeup

It is always recommended to go for minimal makeup during the rainy season. You can style with a minimum amount of makeup since all the makeup melts due to the presence of humidity in the air. Suppose your eyeliner melts due to the humidity leaving you racoon eyed. So, it is much better to go for the waterproof eyeliner and mascaras that do not get spoilt in the rain. You also need to take good care of your skin during the rainy season by making some of the easy homemade packs made up of honey and cucumber for the purpose of renewing as well as replenishing the dry, dead & haggard skin. 

Carry a Bright Bag

The bag that you carry matters a lot for your overall style. It would be a very good idea to stop carrying the leather bag and go for a neon bag or a funky transparent bag. Carrying these bags is not only stylish but also saves the inner contents since they are waterproof in nature. It is also a very good option to flaunt all your goodies by using a transparent plastic tote which would be just appropriate with the grey sky as the backdrop. Using the bright colours would very well complement the dark coloured sky which in turn is ideal for an attractive appearance. 

Using a Scarf

It is necessary to save your hair from the rain. At this point in time, it would be ideal to make use of a scarf especially when you are without your umbrella at the time of drizzle. In addition to this, the scarf also comes handy as a concealer when your shirt or top becomes a little too transparent due to drenching in the rain. The uses of a scarf at the time of rain are simply innumerable. It is great to go for the bold and bright colours with a cool as well as interesting patterns would certainly flaunt up your style to a great extent. 

Changing the Hairstyle 

During the rainy season, it is quite difficult to keep the hair tamed and smooth. It could be even more difficult for the ones who have dry hair. It is appropriate at this point of time to oil the roots of the scalp with oil and simply tie your hair into a chick high, ponytail or fishtail braids to look at your fashionable best.

In the end, it is of immense importance to carry your umbrella at all the time when you step out of your home along with keeping the above-mentioned tips for appropriate styling during the monsoons. 

Author Bio: Anil Panghal is the Content Manager at Dbsouq. He writes on the cosmetic & beauty, health, men or women fashions topics



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