What is Moringa Oil?

Moringa, or the drumstick tree, the ben oil tree, the horseradish tree or as it’s more aptly named ‘The Miracle Tree’, it is truly the substance that dreams are made up of. Moringa oil has been used by the Greeks and Egyptians for centuries, proving its use since ancient times. Moringa oil, obtained from the seeds of the Moringa plant, is filled with various minerals, amino acids and vitamins. It can be used for cooking, as medicines to keep you healthy and also in the cosmetic industry, mainly in hair and skin products.

Filled with all the amino acids available in nature-Unique property of moringa as no other seed is known to have all the amino acids.
Rich in vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and anti-inflammatory agents adding onto its abundant health benefits
Cold-pressed moringa oils are rich in antioxidants, more than any other known plant and retain all their original flavour and delicious taste, similar to spinach.
Natural anti-ageing serum and all body moisturizer considered one of the most nutritious oils and best cosmetic oils ever discovered

Benefits for Skin
Reduces skin infections: The anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties of moringa oil help in reducing acne and the onset of skin diseases like psoriasis or eczema.
Moisturizes skin: Filled with vitamins, antioxidants and other essential oils, moringa oil is great for all skin types and helps to keep your skin glowing and healthy
Reduces dark circles: The hydrating power of moringa oil reduces dark circles and also acts as an anti-ageing natural substance for your face
Reduces wrinkles: The anti-inflammatory properties and natural moisturising capacity of moringa oils help in reducing the appearance of wrinkles and prevents sagging of facial muscles
Heal wounds: The antiseptic properties of moringa oil can be used to heal minor skin abrasions, cuts, bruises, burns, rashes or other skin infections

How to use on Skin?

Use as face cream:
Start with a freshly cleansed face. Apply a few drops to your fingertips and rub together gently. Press the oil serum onto cheeks, forehead and chin. Smooth over nose and lips to finish. Massage into skin with light, upward strokes to lock in lasting moisture for youthful, beautiful skin. 
Use as a body moisturizer:
Apply daily or as needed in a smooth circular motion to lock in moisture and minimize the appearance of scars. Apply during and post pregnancy to minimize stretchmarks. 

Benefits for Hair
Reduces dandruff: The moisturizing and antifungal properties of moringa oil reduce the itchiness of your scalp
Shiny and youthful hair: The moisturising ability of moringa oil makes your hair appear smooth and shiny, giving it a glossy finish while also keeping your scalp moisturised

How to use on hair?

Massage 3-5 drops into damp hair beginning at the scalp and working down toward the ends. Leave in until the next regular wash for a lasting matte finish and restorative conditioning treatment.

Benefits for Body
Improves sleep: The anti-oxidants present in Moringa oil helps in improving sleep and leaving you energised throughout the day
Improves digestion: The oil is high in fibre and helps indigestion.
Reduces the risk of diabetes: The oil is a great source of zinc and can prevent the onset of diabetes.
Reduces joint pain: The vast amount of calcium present in it help those suffering from joint pain and can even act as an anti-inflammatory agent. They’re also helpful in avoiding severe bone disorders like arthritis.
Improves heart health: The vast amount of antioxidants promotes the well-being of the heart and lowers the high levels of bad cholesterol.
Safeguarding the organs: The vast amount of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fatty acids and proteins present helps in protecting the liver, kidneys and prevents the formation of kidney stones and aids in weight loss.

How to Use in Cooking?

Moringa oil can be used for all types of cooking, including deep-fried cooking, unlike popular opinion. Thus, it can be used to replace the adulterated oils prevalent in the market today as a much healthier option.
It can also be drizzled on top of salads to add a delicious aroma, similar to spinach and make the dish more nutritious.

How is it extracted?
Super Moringa Cold-pressed Virgin Moringa oil is our speciality and it is obtained by picking the seeds by hand, choosing only the best quality seeds. Almost 15 kg of Moringa pods are required to obtain just 60 ml of cold-pressed virgin moringa oil ensuring the quality and goodness of the product.
Our process involves pressing the seeds in small batches by applying pressure on the seeds and naturally extracting the oil without any external heat supplied to the system, helping it retain its original nutrients, antioxidants, taste and aroma. This is then packaged and delivered, untouched by chemicals, filled with love.

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