The Final Goodbye Email

I feel to end a chapter in life, we all need to bid a “Goodbye”.

A goodbye, is never good rather it is the worst feeling ever. It is never easy to let go, to put that full stop. To put that much needed ‘The End.’ I struggle with goodbye’s. Do you ?

Here is the most difficult Goodbye of my life to the person I claim to fell in love with. Our last email, I wrote this. This email makes me cry each time even when it was a goodbye long time ago. It takes a part of me each time, even when it was a long time ago.


I wish, The words that I had never heard from you.
for my today. 
A little longer, If and if only I could Stay. 
there’s nothing left to say. 
I wish i would have give, given it all I wish
only if I could stay.
I would give it all away. 
I have been trying to talk, to explain to understand but I couldn’t spill the beans. There has been lots happening in life and being messed up more like confused, overwhelmed is just a part of it.
I have been trying to figure out how to say, what to say, how much to say but came to no conclusion what so ever. 
I have had taken some major decisions in life,in past few weeks; looking ahead and having a future that I really look forward to. It was hard, it still is but i would stick by it I know. I know that I blame you for a lot of reasons and those reasons are valid but I also take the authority of being in love and messing up my own self. This mail I have been writing for a week now, thinking what more to add what to subtract. 
Tell Me 
Tell me if you have ever cared, 
if a single thought
for me you have spared.
Tell me when you lie in bed, 
do you think of something I once said. 
Tell me if it hurts when someone says 
my name with yours
It may have been some time
it may be when i die 
it may be long time ago, bit i would 
Give the WORLD to know… 
I’m sorry that I shall forget , or else It was the most I had ever felt. 
There is a Love you sold to me, from now on I shall keep it under lock – know that you had hold the key yet you always will. 😀 as for all my life I shall wonder why.
I know you will be happy knowing that I am happy in life, smiling and doing crazy ass things. Honestly I will be happy seeing you happy and getting all the love that you deserve from your family. I don’t know what I would have done if I was in your shoes bcoz may be nobody really knows what is the right thing to do and that is what we call LIFE. We make choices, either we regret or we love but both situation teaches us the much needed lesson in life. 
Promising to keep you in my heart forever and think about us as a dream and not a nightmare. siempre te querré I finally put a fullstop with lots of love for you. 


Best Wishes 
Love is the most mysterious feeling in the world, It can kill you and bring you back to life.



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