The Last Lap

As it went down to meet the Horizon,

I stared strong.

As the year rolled, It only broke

broke me into million little pieces.

As I multiply my blessings,

believing that all that happened

happened for a reason.

Here I am, looking at the golden hour

making sure that the golden days of life is yet to sink in;

sink inside me.

As I wait for the sunrise all over again,

A New year unfolds with hope and love; making me feel alive all over again.

Reminding me that every breathe is meaningful,

I am here for a reason: A reason unknown,

so lets unfold each day on its own.

I wrote this as I watched the last sunset of 2018 in Goa. It was a beautiful feeling, I might have not done that before but now i am going to make sure to do it all the time each year till my last breathe, watch the last sunset of every year.

2018 review .
A heartbroken start, A kickass Karnataka trip. To finding a family in a new city to finding awesome friends. While I bring down memories, I achieved few mile stones. Got to know myself better.
A year that I thought would be killing me from within actually tickled all my dead senses and made me more Active and Alive.
I am thankful for all those who left me behind whom I left behind. I am sorry, yet thankful. This year has been a terrific learning year for me.
A year where I lost so much and gained so much more.
Still unfolding new pages each day thank you all for being amazing. Thank you being a part of my life and its journey.



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