Ways to Maintain Your Weight While Traveling

One of the biggest challenges is to maintain your weight when you are travelling. It is not easy to stick to a diet or follow your exercise regimen. Imagine you have been eating healthy for a while and working out. You meet friends one weekend and plan an impromptu vacation.
While you are bubbling with excitement, you know that your healthy eating will go for a toss, and all that you have achieved till now will be lost.
Sounds like a familiar scenario, doesn’t it?
The good news is that you don’t have to cancel your trip. You can maintain your weight while travelling and still indulge in food. Unbelievable, isn’t it?
Read on, and you’ll be convinced.

4 Ways to Maintain Your Weight While Travelling

If you plan well, your travel can provide the excitement you crave without compromising your fitness goals. Here are the top 4 ways to maintain your weight while travelling.
Walk Your Way Around – Ditch the car and explore the new location on foot. That is the best way to maintain your weight. In fact, even walking your dog will help you maintain your weight. A new city is filled with so many new places. While you can keep the tourist guide handy, talk to the locals and explore the offbeat places on foot. The additional advantage of
this is that you won’t have to worry about finding a parking space for your car.
Eat Healthy – What and how you eat accounts for 90% of the way you look. You can’t out-train or outrun a bad diet! And, crash-dieting leads to depression. So that’s a strict no-no!
But then, when you are travelling or even walking around, a single cup of coffee can quickly change to coffee and doughnut, and you will end up missing a meal. Instead, carry a bag of nuts, fruits, seeds, or unsalted popcorn to deal with those hunger pangs. This will ensure that you are not starving by the time you finish your tour and end up overeating. These healthy snacks will keep your belly full for a couple of hours.
Start eating cumin seeds early morning for weight loss. Read Jeera / Cumin Seeds for Hair Growth, Skin Whitening & Weight Loss: Other Benefits, to know more.
Put in place a decent plan to prevent going overboard during your travel that will necessitate drastic measures on your return. Build a kickass, easy-to-follow nutrition plan that you can apply wherever you are.

Continue Doing Basic Workouts – According to Steve Kamb of Nerd Fitness, travelling does not mean that you cannot take care of your health and still do the fun stuff. He gives a blueprint for a healthy workout that you can do anywhere.

All that you need to do is find a park or a parking lot – No gym machines or treadmills!
The first thing he recommends is to go biking, join walking tours, and trek. These are things that do not really exercise because you are exploring new places. Start with strength training that will strengthen your tendons, joints, and muscles. It is good because it targets all the muscles in the body and can be done anywhere.
Do push-ups, squats, and pull-ups. For pull-ups, you can find a tree branch. Or do dumbbell rows with your suitcase. He recommends the “Nomadic Matt Travel Workout Plan”, which includes three sets of the following –

  • 10 push-ups
  • 10 squats
  • 10 lunges
  • 10 backpack lifts
  • 10 reverse crunches

If you can’t do them every day, do them once a week. Even that will help maintain your weight. Take out five minutes here and there to sneak in a bit of workout.
Stay Hydrated – We can’t emphasize the importance of staying hydrated enough. For women, it is recommended to drink at least 7 cups of water in a day for women 8-12 glasses for men.
However, this is for people who are moderately active. When you are walking or exercising, your water intake needs to go up. Avoid soft drinks and fruit juices to reduce calorie intake.
Water intake will vary from one person to another, and this is just a generalization. There is no limit to how much water you can drink. You could also sip on coconut water, buttermilk, or green tea along with nuts.
General Tips to Maintain Your Weight While Travelling

  • Eat small meals every 2 hours to keep up your energy.
  • Drink plenty of water to keep your metabolism rate high.
  • Workout whenever and wherever you can, even if it is for five minutes.
  • Ensure that carbohydrate-heavy food is for the afternoon and include proteins with all your meals.
  • Your food at night should be light.
  • Follow the “three-bite rule” for your dessert.
  • Stay hydrated.

Every traveller struggles to maintain weight. You don’t have to sacrifice your diet or workout when you are travelling. If you plan properly, you can keep a check on your weight without taking the fun out of the travel. Hopefully, these tips will help you follow a healthy lifestyle even when you are travelling and you won’t return with those extra pounds.

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