Better Days Ahead

I wanted everything to be normal soon, but little did I know that the second wave would hit India so badly. I couldn’t see people suffering, I couldn’t see people dying for lack of oxygen. I felt it’s time to stand for my people, help them in every possible way. I am always committed to helping the needful people, I have been conducting grocery drives for a few years to help families in need. But during the Covid times, I felt there is so much need for food and medicines so alongside the grocery drive I started delivering home-cooked food for Covid positive patients
The willingness and the strong desire can move mountains, yes, I mean it.
I have decided to help people and make their life easy amidst the pandemic. Firstly, my focus was on people who tested positive, they need utmost care and nutritious meals. I have planned a nutritious meal with the help of my doctor friends. When you do anything with love and genuine intentions the Universe will conspire and it happened exactly with me. On day one I started delivering lunch to two families and in a week, I was able to deliver to more than 16 families with the help of a delivery person. The number of families was adding up to the list and I am super happy about it at the same time I felt more responsible. I was pleased to deliver food with a little note with lots of love and best wishes to recover soon and the families messaging me that food was tasty and every message saying “ God Bless You” lights up my day and makes me forget all the effort and pain.
I have started it all alone by picking groceries, vegetables, cooking and delivering the food around Ballyguange, Bondle gate, Picinic garden areas, my family is my biggest support system my mom helps me in everything I do if it’s grocery drive she helps me to pick the groceries from the store, and now when I have decided to deliver food she has been helping me in cooking and packing the food and of course my Instagram family, friends and followers supported me in every possible way. Looking at the pathetic situation of the people suffering from covid I went above and beyond my strength to help them. I started distributing medicines, masks and everything needed. I stood as their support system in these trying times.
It is never a smooth journey, but it is fulfilling and ongoing till the pandemic ends. Somedays I feel exhausted, emotionally drained, sleepless nights the fear of getting infected with the deadly virus all of these takes a huge toll on my personal life, but I remind myself about the people who need me and keep myself going. Social media has helped me in many ways to make this possible. I was able to reach a greater number of people and numerous people could reach me for help. The number of calls and messages I get asking for help is increasing exponentially. Sometimes I face criticism, insensitive messages on Dm’s I deal with. I control myself not to be rude towards them because I know every one of us is fighting a battle and I wish they understand it too and think before they send me any irrelevant messages.
I spend most of my earnings helping people. It gives me immense joy. I don’t remember the last time I spent for myself I am not bragging about it, nor I am sad but what hurts me is still the resources seem to be minimum and people need more helping hands in this crisis, I request you all to join me in this in any way possible I would be happy even if you spread the word or donate anything little you can, I will always look at your willingness to donate not the quantity or amount you contribute, the willingness to serve people will go a long way and my journey shows you how a small desire, willingness can impact people lives. Reach out to me if you are with me and want to know ways you can donate, volunteer. Let’s make each other’s life easier and lead a purposeful life.



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