We Decided That We Will Take That Plunge

Love birds Satabdi and Samrat

I have been looking for love stories as my readers wanted to read about love and not heartbreak which I am known for, so on a light note I had been asking around to share real life stories with me. I have known Satabdi from facebook. We don’t have a history in fact we never met till now its been more than 5 years. “Beat that”. Not like we stay in different continent either. Lets just say we are strange people. We are in good talking terms and admire each other publicly .. Oh! I love her.

Now that I am in Mumbai and she is in Pune I hope to see her soon.

So let us take a Plunge now towards knowing about their Love Story

Satabdi & Samrat

We met in my 2nd office and he was a senior there.

We didn’t feel any instant connection as I was dating someone else at that point of time. But he was there for me whenever I needed any support or advice in terms of work, like a good colleague. It was really sweet of him. As days rolled by things started developing and we grew closer with time. Over this period things didn’t really work out for the other guy in the picture at that time.

There wasn’t anything formal, things just happened. No extra effort no drama there was no proposal as such. We just grew close with each passing day. And eventually decided to go on casual date.

We went to watch the bollywood movie Lootera followed by lunch in Peter cat and then few drinks In Oly pub. A well planned day, everything went off really smoothly as we both are foodie. So after we finished our lunch when we entered Oly pub kolkata, one of the waiter came to me and asked ” Didi, etohdin pore elen?!” (Didi, after so long?!) I was a regular visitor I used to go every friday. No kolkatatian ever say No to visiting Oly I am sure. At that moment when the waiter was delighted to see me he turned around and said “At that very moment he knew that I am The One.”

There was no proposal as such. The wildest decision I took is to tie the knot when he expressed his feelings towards me, we decided that we will take that plunge. It was a big deal for me as I was only 24 but I also knew that I have found the right guy with whom I can spend an eternity. Then why wait? Hurry burry and Marry. We are completing our 5th anniversary next year march and we are still falling in love with each other every day. We do have our fights and misunderstandings but we keep coming back to each other and that’s the beauty of our story because love isn’t about perfection it’s about accepting and understanding each others imperfections.

I went Awww over this .. ..

Keep falling in love folks

Much love

From our lovebirds and Me 😀




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