How to get Over A Heartbreak

Heartbreaks can actually shatter down a person! Terrible breakup stories are very common in our generation. People generally become hopeless over a breakup and eventually they lose their faith in love! Slowly and steadily, they start losing their self-control, self-esteem and self-belief! All of this ends up in depression, anxiety and panic attacks. “You need to move on ”- This particular phrase might sound pretty easy to us but it is actually very difficult for a person suffering from a breakup. The process of moving on doesn’t happen overnight, it is not a magic formula. Resume your lifestyle. Get over that man or woman, you need to breathe again! I know it is not an easy process but healing is important for you. Here are a few steps and tips which you can take to get on board with your “moving on” journey.

1. Accept The Heartbreak

To heal from the pain, you must accept you are in pain! Most people generally try to avoid their bitter past. They keep themselves caught up with busy schedules. There is nothing wrong with this, but you must accept the reality! Just like love is important in a relationship, mourning is important in a breakup. You are surely not the only one in pain, there are many out there who are grieving over their lost love. It’s okay to cry over that rough breakup. You must accept the heartbreak, you need to realize that ache! I know it will hurt a lot, it will shake you to the core but with time your pain will become less.

2. Take Your Time

Trust me, you have all the time you need! Take time out for yourself. Process out those negative thoughts. Healing takes a lot of time.  Whether you want to continue the friendship with your ex-partner or not, is completely your personal decision. But it is better to avoid their memories, especially if you are still not over him or her. Moreover, you should start loving yourself. Take an evening walk, hit the gym, order your favourite food, go shopping, give yourself a new hairstyle, you can do whatever you feel like. Do the things which make you happy. Rekindle your old interests.  Say “Hi” to your life again.

3. Adopt New Hobbies, Say Yes To New Things

Divert your emotions and energy! I know you have been crying for days and nights. Grieving is essential, but over grieving is not! Invest your time and energy in new things. If you think only about your past, then how will you move on? Adopt new hobbies! Start reading interesting and intellectual storybooks. Learn singing or dancing. There are endless options out there. Say “yes” to the positive change. Get on board with positive habits.

4. Catch Up With Your Family And Close Friends

A bad heartbreak can become really harsh for you, especially if you live alone. Reconnect with the outside world. Call up your long lost best friend! Catch up with your family. I know you feel like avoiding everyone, but trust me, that will only make you feel puzzled and lonely. Cutting off the outside world will only make things worse for you. Before it gets too late, check up on your loved ones! Dial-up your mother, and tell her about your pain. We often hesitate to reach out to parents. But trust me, sometimes we need experienced guidance and who can give it better than our elders!

5. Take A Break From Social Media

You need to stop reading those breakup and heartbreak posts. It will make you feel devastated! Even if you have started your moving on process, these posts will just remind you about your past relationship! Try to detach yourself from social media. I know you still stalk your ex, but you still feel like holding on to him or her. Well, waiting is always an option here, some people like to wait for their loved ones, and there is nothing wrong with holding on to someone. But sometimes when you know there is nothing left in the relationship when you know the relationship is never going to get back on track, then what will you do? Ask this question to yourself. I know it is difficult for you, but try to take at least a short break from social media. It will just freshen up your mind, it will clear out the junk from your head.

6. Feel Free To Visit The Therapist

If you feel like sharing your thoughts if you know you are becoming out of control, if you think the load is too much on you if you feel like you have no one to talk to, if you feel like your world is crumbling down, then you can visit a therapist. We often think people will judge us if we go to a therapist. Don’t let those silly thoughts stop you. Before it gets too stressful, you must control the situation.

Little Booster Corner:

There is nothing wrong with loving someone. It’s fine if that relationship didn’t work out for you, maybe you two were not meant for each other, and maybe it wasn’t the right timing for you guys. Sometimes we need to accept the harsh reality. It’s better to let them go, especially when they don’t want to stay. Sooner or later, you will be fine one day! Each day is a struggle, but each little victory counts.



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