What is Success and Being Successful

Success and being successful sound similar but when you think deeper there is a fine line that makes the difference. Every success adds up to the journey of ‘Being Successful’.

Being Successful makes you an epitome of success and your journey towards every success in life will be an inspiration to the upcoming generations.

We as humans are always on the chase to achieve success. We all have a list of accomplishments as a teenager we aim to get into prestigious colleges and complete our graduation with flying colors and start working in the good firm along this journey we have definitely achieved success but we are not successful yet. We have just completed a part of being successful. Success is an important milestone in the journey of ‘Being Successful’ which teaches life lessons, kindness, empathy, compassion and most importantly how to move ahead with little ray of hope.

 Being successful includes so many aspects of life it is not always about college grades, working in high-rise offices and luxury holidays. It is also about spending time with friends and your loved ones. Being able to smile in tough times and having some peaceful time with yourself. All these little things contribute a lot to Being successful. Going on a holiday to celebrate your success with a lot of stress about work doesn’t make you successful.

Success is confined to an achievement and accomplishment at each stage of life but being successful demands being consistent in the efforts and balancing the success in all the aspects and spheres of life, our attitude towards failure how we get up after falling, coping up with criticism and set back ourselves on the path of success. When we are stuck with hurdles in life, we look back on our success stories and tell ourselves ‘I have achieved a lot and I will get through this storm too ‘it motivates us do more it encourages us to reach heights and success will always be  source of self confidence in our hard times.

We all have different definitions of success and we all look at success through a different lens, for a few of us success is living independently and for a few living, happy and healthy life is considered as success. Here is my version of achieving success and for me being successful is to tick my full bucket list. Go for every adventure I feared and live life to the fullest on my terms. Achieving my career goals and being financially independent will be my biggest victory in the path of being successful. Helping people with my knowledge and experience, If I can ease someone’s pain and be there for my friends in the darkest hour, I will consider myself successful.

All these triumphs will never happen overnight, but it takes years of hard work, consistent efforts, discipline, strategies to achieve ‘Success’ on the path of being successful.

Success makes your life worthwhile and happy but being successful makes your “Legacy Live On”.

-Written by Akshitha.



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