Believe in the love you have in your heart | She had her happily ever after

Ranjeeta This is my story. I am a very simple, reserved and romantic girl by nature.
As her name implies she was Ranjeeta for the world, the face, but the girl Greta inside her was the soul, a truly romantic and believer in love. And only love can change anything was her belief. She would write poems, shayaris, stories revolving only around one thing called love.
However, she was not very fond of using the word love, since that was the word most profanely used. As if either people didn’t know it’s worth or it had become the most unlawfully used.

Let’s go fast and forward then one day she was hit by a flash of lightning. She fell in love with someone. She was so madly in love that she could dare to do anything. From a reserved, shy home-loving girl she dared to take her first step out into the world to move out of her hometown Kolkata to Mumbai because it was closer to Pune where her heartthrob used to work with the excuse of work. She dared to work alone in Mumbai and then eventually to Pune to fulfil the desires of her heart, following the trails of her feelings and emotions.

All this while maintaining a long-distance relationship. Eventually landing in Pune to find out that he was already involved with someone else and she had no place in his life. She had no idea about this at all. Broken and shattered with emotions and feelings, her soul had taken hiding somewhere where nothing was important to her at all.

She had taken refuge in loneliness and solitude was her friend.

To her ignorance, she didn’t know but she had started confiding in a person whom she had met recently at her workplace. At that time she was working in an international school as an admission counsellor. And this gentleman had his daughter studying in the school, he was a divorcee and had two children. He had also built the school she was working in. Unknowingly she would talk to this person and share her hurt and brokenness and he in return would also confide in her about his life struggles and brokenness.

‘It was as if two broken trails were colliding through the unknown, little to the knowledge of both.’

Then one day this gentleman made a proposal of marriage to her, to which she said she needs time because she had just come out of a severe condition, and was not sure about anything. She was still trying her best to get over it. Slowly their story started linking to each other and they remained unknown. As time went by their friendship grew stronger and both started depending on each other. Soon they started working with each other. She had slowly started depending on him emotionally but was scared to give it any name as it could have been a wrong conclusion again. Months and years passed by until she realised that he had become a part of her life. But life and its script are never simple.

In the meantime, since she had not agreed to the marriage proposal this gentleman had met a very accomplished lady, awed by her personality, was hit by Cupid’s arrow. But at the same time, he would not let her go too. It took her some time to realize that true feelings and emotions always led to failure and heartbreaks. She has broken again internally. However, sometimes we fight for something and we don’t know where we get the strength. She didn’t give up but continued her work with him. He was madly in love with this lady and maintained a long-distance relationship. But this girl only believed in one thing, that true love always has its own story, one does not need to create. It already exists and was written, we only need to identify and uncover.
For five years her emotional turmoil went on and she had no idea from where came her strength. Someone was writing their story and they were acting.

After a few more struggling years, then one fine day, this lady sent him a mail to visit her abroad to take their relationship to the next level, he denied and backed off. It left the lady seriously hurt. Second mail, again to meet, he denied and refused to meet. He asked this girl if he should go to meet the lady, she told him to go ahead, if that would make him happy. He asked her if she would stay after he came back, she replied no. He refused meeting her and something changed after that.
Life goes on and A new chapter was written. After a long tough struggle, emotional turmoil, mental instability, they realised that both of them could not live without each other. There was a strong bond which was knit and no external feelings could cut it through… And in spite of their status she singles and he a divorcee, he a father of two children, their age difference of 19 years, they were very happy with each other. Both of them just the opposite of each other in personality. He a fun-loving, light-hearted and playful person and she is a reserved, practical, and serious person, they decided to be there for each other. After 10 years they eventually signed the register of marriage and promised to love and to cherish, for better or for worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, till death do us apart.

If this be called to love as described by poets and authors, then let it be, If this be called struck by Cupid’s arrow, then let it be, Let it be just as it is with no word, just the awe of the feeling, because whatever it is, it’s truly beautiful.

If there is something you desire for with your heart and have faith that God has put that longing in your heart, then go for it, cherish that feeling called love, there is no replacement, no synonym nor any surrogate feeling to it. It’s a pure desire, only coated with satisfaction and happiness. Endless, bottomless, eternal tranquillity.

Love just happens!



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