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Sarees,  most of you must have seen me in sarees.  even though I am just 24 years old and I love wearing western outfits but my heart goes out and out for sarees.  I remember that when I got my first salary I bought myself a red silk saree. It was about five or six years ago but I have still kept that saree in my cupboard and I often look and stare at it. Currently, I own more than 30 sarees and adding some more to my collection this puja season. My mum is a Bengali and I have seen her wearing different types of saree, uncountable name. I used to think about how she manages this six-yard! But when I started wearing them I realise that there is nothing more beautiful, nothing more feminine than these six yards of pure grace and beauty. 
I am so glad that people are coming up with different styling tips when it comes to sarees, now sarees are not just considered as something very traditional but also something very classy and fashionable. 
So while I am in Kolkata and Durga Puja is knocking at the door. I got my hands on some beautiful sarees from Chowdhrain
I am a complete Instagram person and I am so glad that Instagram gives opportunities to come across this beautiful brands and we can shop online. I have a soft corner for red traditional Chanderi and the first time I got my hands on this saree believe me when I say this – “It was love at first sight.” 

A lot of you must have seen my Instagram stories and how obsessed I was to open the packaging and wear the saree as soon as possible. 
I created a very traditional look and a lot of people compliment me as I looked like a newlywed bride.  I didn’t mind the compliment, as I knew that I was glowing wearing that saree. This saree was a head-turner for me, even when my groom was missing I did not mind flaunting my saree just the way I wanted it. 
It was the most difficult choice I had to make while I was scrolling through Chowdhrain Instagram profile is to find myself the perfect saree as each one of them are so beautiful that they make sure it is one of the most difficult choices you would ever make.
So one of the most important thing that I would like to mention about this brand is that the packaging was so nicely done.  It also comes with an authentic handloom certified mark. The look and feel of the saree were exactly what it was shown in the Instagram picture. The sari felt so light on my skin that I won’t be able to explain, my feelings in words. 
I have done my puja shopping with Chowdhrain and here are some insights about the brand and the people behind this brand. So here it is only for you my dear readers.

1. About Us

My name is Diksha Jain, I along with my husband are the team of Chowdhrain. I was a Digital Marketer before I started with Chowdhrain for about 3.5 years, I did my Engineering from Bangalore and MBA from the U.K. I started with this venture in October 2018 when my baby was 4 months old. 

2. Business

The thought and support for this venture were fuelled by my parents who couldn’t see me going mad sitting at home, as I have always wanted to something of my own. Dad handed me about 200 Chanderi block printed sarees and challenged me to run the business the way I want. I quickly jumped to the idea and my husband who also has this entrepreneurship kinda supported me. Slowly we understood about the differences of what actual Chanderi is. What moved us to do this was when we went to the showrooms and asked for Chanderi sarees, they would show fake ones and when we know the worth of it, we couldn’t see it going this path. That was the second thought for taking up this challenge by dad

My husband Vivek is the backbone here, he handles procuring, shoots, finances, etc and I, on the other hand, do the marketing, operations and all other areas.

3. Plans

We are in process of building up our website if everything goes would like to move into another cluster of handloom as well along with Chanderi 

4. Speciality

We only do Chanderis because we understand it completely. My Dad belongs to Chanderi, he was born and brought up there, and I have been visiting Chanderi since my childhood. I have been watching the loom the weavers the beautiful fabric since I was little, Dad would send the raw silk from Bangalore to weavers in Chanderi in the 80s and 90s. 

6. Something interesting

Yes, we do make sarees in the colour and buttas as requested by our customers. We always make a point to contact the customer when they receive the saree if they liked the saree or not and by gods grace it’s always positive. We are avoiding plastic while maintaining our stock and also in packaging, we want to be known as a sustainable and eco-friendly brand. 

7. Future Plans

Want to have all the handloom clusters in one house and make the designs contemporary for the modern times

ChowdhrainMeans Boss Lady
I came up with this name connecting it to the intention of making saree a power dressing and not thinking of it as a dressing for older generations
Sarees are cool. Have incorporated the same in my logo.

Our sarees range in about Rs 2500 – 35000 and above.

We are on Instagram: Chowdhrain

Facebook right now in the name: @Diksha Jain

Our website will be soon launching:



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