SHE – By Shalini

There once was a time when she was afraid to be on her own,

she was scared of the fact that she would have to live alone.

Many thoughts were constantly racing through her mind

she was stressed and worried; crying all the time.

The pain that she felt at the present was too much for her to handle.

We lived in a life full of drama, problems, and scandal.


She is tired of the silly society and its people,

Judging is an everyday routine for them.

Proving everyone wrong, she will go against all odds

After so many years, she has left behind all the old thoughts.

Receiving nothing every since then;

she will get her glory from her own personal pain.

Journey of women is not easy, there is too much

To justify it is crazy.

Strong and Independent Solid she is

She is in You.

There she is.


Understand yourself, love yourself. As a female we need to be our best friend. The world can give us different names. All we need to do is stand strong. As someone rightly said, “You know why Typhoons are named after women?”. The answer is Storms are needed in life to know which grounds we are standing on. Even the heaviest of tress rips apart, while what we think is the weakest stands strong.






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